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One day a very rich young man came to Jesus and asked Him what he should do to go to heaven.Mark 10:17

The Savior told him to obey Gods commandments, to love and honor his father and mother, and not to kill anyone or lie or steal. The rich young man said he had always obeyed those commandments.Mark 10:1820

Jesus loved the young man. Wanting to help him, Jesus told him he needed to do one more thingsell everything he had and give the money to the poor, then follow Him. If the young man did that, he could go to heaven.Mark 10:21

The rich young man did not want to give away everything he had. He loved his possessions more than he loved God. The young man left sad.Mark 10:22

The Savior told His disciples that it is hard for those who love riches to go to heaven. Not understanding, they asked who can live with God. Jesus said that people who love God with all their hearts can live with Him in heaven.Mark 10:23, 26, 2930

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