Welcome the Korean remake of the J-Drama Rich Man, Poor Woman (Fuji TV 2012)!

Rich man is one of the most expected dramas of 2018. EXOs SuHo will be the lead character in this romantic comedy. A love story between a genius programmer and a job seeker.

Fans are ready to watch the EXO member in his new production.

The CEO of Next In -an IT company- is a genius who suffers from a face recognition disability. He is cold and insensitive. His life starts looking like a mess when Kim BoRa enters his life. She is an excellent college student who comes from the countryside. The girl has a hard time to find a job in Seoul and dreams to work at Next In.

A successful young businessman in the IT field, CEO and genius programmer.

A college student. No.1 in her school in Jeju Island.

The co-founder of Next In. He has a gentle personality.

Min TaeJoos little sister. Jealous of Kim BoRa for her relationship with the CEO. An art Curator.

Here are some more picture from the upcoming drama.

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