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On the latest edition of Drews Untitled Review Roundup (orDURR), I dive into some of the more underrated emo records of the year plus a surprising addition to the metalcore canon from an unlikely group of musicians. As always, thank you for reading. Enjoy Volume 2 of DURR.

Its funny the way that albums can mark time. How hearing the right songs at the right moment can make them sound likemorethan songs, or how going back to those songs after 10 or 15 or 20 years can reawaken every feeling you had when you first heard them. Its funny, too, how the music that does those things to you might not do anything for anyone else. How something can be an incredibly meaningful and important document of your past, but just sound run-of-the-mill to someone else. Or how, if youd heard an album a decade or a year or six months too early or too late, it might just be a footnote in your musical history rather than a symphony.

No album has ever taken me more by surprise thanThe Dangerous SummersReach for the Sun. I didnt see it coming, and I wasnt looking for it. I had no knowledge of the band or their past work, no clue what they sounded like or what their songs might have to say about my life. I just read a rave review of the album one day on AbsolutePunk and decided to give it a shot. Ten years later, those songs still shoot shivers down my spine and choke me up, because they sound like the cusp of adulthood, and like all the friends and memories Ive left behind in the past decade.

Reach for the Sunhad remarkable timing. Its release date was May 5, 2009, just as spring was bursting into full, glorious bloom. I first heard it on May 3, in the early evening, coming out of old boombox speakers in my bedroom, with the gentle glow of the sunset streaming through my window. The day before, my sister had graduated from college. In another month, Id graduate from high school. My parents and I had driven home, from Ann Arbor to Traverse City, that afternoon. I had a boatload of calculus homework to do and was dreading the evening. AP exams were just days away, and I needed to buckle down and focus. Certainly, I knew I needed a good soundtrack for the study session. So I downloaded this record on the recommendation of a glowing 95 percent review from Blake Soloman and loaded it onto my iPod.

The Color Fredhas released the new song Dont Give Up on Me.

Berwanger(Josh Berwanger of The Anniversary and Radar State) has released a video for his new song Bad Vibrations.

The CuresDisintegrationshow on May 30th at The Sydney Opera House will be streaming live viaFacebookandYouTube.

Dan Ozzi sat down with Fat Mike fora new interviewwhere he addresses the Las Vegascontroversylast year:

You guys have been around since the 80s. Do you think your style of comedy can still work now?

Yeah, sure. I dont know about the U.S. The U.S. is turning into some Puritan-Quaker country where everyone gets offended.

Do you think a band like NOFX could start up now?

I dont know. The people defending me when I said that, it wasnt very many people. The only two I can think of were Laura Jane [Grace] and Sick of It All. No one wanted to get on my side. No one wanted to touch us, which was why I wrote on the internet that we got banned in the U.S.

Tr Cool ofGreen Dayis on a recent episode of theMember Guestpodcast.

St. Rangerhave released the new song No Cloak onSpotifyandApple Music.

Taylor SwiftandBrendon Urieperformed ME! at the Billboard Music Awards.

Hayley Williamstalked withNylonabout mental health, self-care, hair dye, and more:

I think that Paramore primed me, for better or worse, it prepared me to let people down all the time. I think Paramore prepped me pretty well to make mistakes in front of people, [and helped me learn that] youve gotta put your pride aside.

The thing about companies is that theyre made of human beings. For instance, Brian and I have made a lot of mistakes in terms of formulation that weve had to correct. Weve had to be transparent about those things. Some things you fix and they happen. Im starting to understand how many mistakes happen in the beauty industry all of the time. Were constantly improving and trying to correct and make sure that were doing the right thing.

The Planet Smashershave released a video for Too Much Information.

Bad Bookswill release their new album,Bad Books III, on June 14th. Today theyve released the two songs Lake House and I Love You, Im Sorry, Please Help Me, Thank You and pre-orders arenow up.

Panic! at The Discoperformed Hey Look Ma, I Made It at the Billboard Music Awards.

Taylor Swiftrecently talked with Zane Lowe atBeats 1.

During Brendon Uriesbackstage interviewat the Billboard Music Awards he mentions he has been working on newPanic! at the Discomusic.

The Sonder Bombshave shared a video for I Dont Have One Anymore.

In 1991, on Fugazis Stacks, Ian MacKaye sang,America is just a word but I use it. Minor Threat, the hardcore band that MacKaye was best known for before Fugazi, didnt deal with concepts like that; theirs were personal politics, the friends who had betrayed you or the assholes who pissed you off. Their outlook was rigid, little nuance or philosophical thought, and the standard template for hardcore remains as such. MacKaye grew tired of hardcore before long, though, of its violence and rigidity. Fugazi, in a lot of ways, was an anti-hardcore band. Their rich and complex musicality couldnt be further from Minor Threats fast, loud and sloppy approach, and their lyrics offered political and social commentary that was intelligent and nuanced. It waspost-hardcore.

On Birds of Paradise, a track halfway throughFurysFailed Entertainment, vocalist Jeremy Stith declares, US of A, just an idea to me. Fugazis semantics are echoed, but the similarity stretches further than that; this too is a record that reaches beyond what hardcore tends to be. The crucial difference is thatFailed Entertainmentis, unmistakably and proudly, a hardcore record.

Panic! at the Discofrontman Brendon Urie was recently honored by his hometown of Las Vegas and received the key to the city.

Pedro the LionandmewithoutYouare heading out on tour together.

The press release and reveal video of Dustin Kensrue ofThrices newErnie Ball Artist Series StingRayguitar can be found below.

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