CVD risk is reversed after 5-10 years of no smoking

Enter present blood pressure regardless of treatment

Click YES if taking antiplatelet/anticoagulant medication

Angina or heart attack in a 1stdegree relative 60 yrs

CKD status is not part of the risk algorithm but is used for calculating the benefit of certain therapies

The PREDICT paper excluded patients with chronic kidney disease. Risk estimated produced by PREDICT in this patient population are not validated.

This socioeconomic deprivation index can be determined by answering eight questions. For detailed information, see page two ofthe NZDep2013 brief flyerorvisit the website.

The amount ofadditionalrisk (relative increase in risk) conferred from a family member to a patient depends on: (1) how close a relative, (2) age of a relative, (3) number of affected family members.

Benefit often hasnothingto do with the effect on the surrogate marker. At present, you can only select one intervention at a time.

As with all risk calculators, calculated risk numbers are +/- 5% at best.More information.

See theQRISK®2 disclaimerfor more information.

For more detailed information and acronym definitions etc see theFAQ.

The French translation of this tool was made possible through the work of Dr. Thriault Guylne public health medical officer (CISSS Outaouais), Jane Zhang medical student, and Michal Iglewski Professor Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Universit du Qubec en Outaouais.

The Russian translation of this tool was made possible by neurologist Michael Jablonski (Balashikha) and cardiologist PhD Denis Sinkevich (Irkutsk).