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Coronation Fund Managersis a South-African third-partyfund management company, headquartered inCape Town.2The company has locations in all South African major centers and offices in,IrelandUnited Kingdomand inNamibiawhere it is represented by Namibia Asset Management a strategic partner. As of September 2014 the company hadAssets under managementof R588 billion.

Coronation Fund Managers commenced operations in Cape Town in 1993, with 15 staff and no assets under management.3

In 1996 Coronationsunit trustbusiness, Coronation Management Company,4was launched. It also launched South Africas first international fund ofhedge funds: Coronation Global Equity Fund.

In 1997, Coronation launched the countrys first retail international fund of hedge funds, the Coronation International Active Fund of Funds, and was instrumental in the formation of Namibia Asset Management and Namibia Unit Trust Managers.citation needed

In 1998 Coronation Fund Managers established inDublin, Ireland and in 1999 opened an office inLondon. This was also the year in which Coronation pioneered the launch ofabsolute returnproducts to the3South African market.

In June 2003, Coronation Fund Managers was listed separately on theJohannesburg Stock Exchange(JSE) after it was unbundled from Coronation Holdings with a total staff complement of 133.3It became the firstcitation neededasset managerin South Africa to gain Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPSTM) compliance.clarification needed

Since its formation, Coronation has developed a number of black-controlled enterprises in the asset management industry. This includes Namibia Asset Management and Namibia Unit Trust Managers in Namibia and African Harvest in 1997, Kagiso Asset Management in 2002, and in 2005 launched Coronation Fund Managers5Botswana.

In 2007, Coronation became a signatory to theUnited Nations Principles of Responsible Investments6and began formulating their global emerging markets (GEM) product offering. Coronations Africa unit was launched in 2008.7

Coronation is an investment-led, owner-managed business specialising in emerging market. It is an active manager with a long-term valuation-driven investment approach.

Product range: Emerging Market Equity; Global Equity, Fixed Interest and Multi-Asset; South African Equity, Fixed Interest and Multi-Asset; African Equity; Retirement Products and Hedge Funds.

Coronation engages with the following regulatory bodies in the various jurisdictions in which they operate on an ongoing basis:

Coronation was an early signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing in 2007. The business was also an early adopter of the Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa (2012) and the UK Stewardship Code (2010) [10]. The business incorporates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its investment decision-making process in a way that is fully consistent with their long-term investment horizon.

Coronation believes companies cannot achieve sustainable economic success while neglecting their social and environmental responsibilities. Social responsibility has the potential to increase the quality of a companys earnings stream and consequently its long-term investment potential. For Coronation, ESG issues form an intrinsic part of the mosaic for any investment case. Poor ESG performance may not necessarily exclude investing in a company, but it does force them to carefully consider the issues and engage management on these factors.

Coronation furthermore recognises the importance of focusing its attention and time on those ESG issues where it has expertise, and that can have the most meaningful impact on a companys long-term prospects. To this end, Coronation spends large amounts of time studying the corporate governance of the companies they invest in. Coronation engages extensively with management and the board where needed.

As a South African company, Coronation is committed toBroad-Based Black Economic Empowerment(B-BBEE). Coronations approach to transformation is based on the ideal that people are their greatest asset. This is reflected in their choice of a B-BBEE partner, the Imvula Trust, of which the beneficiaries comprise all black staff. Imvula was created in April 20058and on 28 February 2013 acquired a direct ownership of 10% in the listed Coronation business.9

In terms of their procurement processes, Coronation applies strict consideration rules in order to create the opportunity for enhanced economic activity.10

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