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The Best Affordable Wine and Liquor to Pick up at Trader Joes

Throwing parties is fun; buying enough booze to satisfy all of your thirsty party guests is not. Luckily, affordable wine and liquor options seem to get better with every passing year, and nowhere is proving that more thanTrader Joes. Perfect for makingbig batch cocktailsthat will last well into the evening, TJs affordable liquors and wines will be the saving grace of penny pinching party throwers.

Read on for the best uber-affordable liquors and wines to pick up at Trader Joes for all of your party planning needs. Note that prices and availability may differ depending on location.

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Whether your party calls for shots, cocktails, or pours on the rocks, there are a number of affordable liquor options available at TJs. While theres no guaranteeing that Trader Joes inexpensive liquor will beat a bottle quadruple the price, these are great cost-saving options that will help you pump up the party without breaking the bank.

Trader Joes Tequila Blanca($19.99) – This smooth, crisp blanco tequila is best used to craft margaritas and summeryblended beverages, although it can also be sipped on the rocks with a slice of lime.

Trader Joes Kentucky Bourbon($14.99) – TJs offers their own option for Kentucky-made bourbon with a smoky finish, great for cocktails like awhiskey sour punch.

The Art of the Still Organic Gin$13.99 – This Trader Joes brand gin is an organic, herbaceous gin made with pesticide-free Minnesotan corn. With notes of juniper and sage, this is a great option for a classicgin and tonic.

Trader Joes Versatile Spirit Vodka ($9.99) – Made from California grown grapes, this smooth neutral spirit is perfect for mixing uprefreshing summer cocktailsat a low cost to you.

Rebel Yell Bourbon ($9.99) – This American whiskey, which is produced in Kentucky, is not only affordable but also has a high quality taste. In fact, it even won double gold medals at the esteemed San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2017.

Simpler Wines 4-Pack($3.99) – Available in both white and ros, this Italian sparkling wine is adding to the buzzycanned wine trendand making it super easy to pack wine for picnics and other outdoor occasions.

Grand Reserve Sonoma Meritage, Lot 92($12.99) – This hearty red wine with notes of blackberry, plum, and currant would typically go for $25-50 per bottle, which makes Trader Joes price tag all the better. Note that this high-quality wine is available in a limited quantity, and should be scooped up asap.

Block Ros ($12.99) – This boxed ros, which comes in a 3-liter quantity (about 4 bottles of wine) is perfect for a crowd. Mark our words: This tasty, summer-ready beverage will easily surpass your expectations ofboxed wines.

Espiral Vinho Verde ($4.50) – A crisp vinho verde hailing from Portugal, this super affordable option will impress your wine snob friends without putting a dent in your grocery budget. Bonus points if you put it to use in arefreshing spritzer.

Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon ($3.99) – While Trader Joes is famous for their two buck chuck wine (the bottles cost $1.99 when they first debuted), not all of the Charles Shaw bottles are created equal. Opt for this full-bodied jammy red wine poured into a decanternone of your party guests will have any clue theyre drinking an under-$4 bottle.

Moonlight & Roses Coteau dAix en Provence Ros($9.99) – If youre seeking a ros that feels a little classier than the boxed or canned varieties, this option is great on price and flavor, with a sophisticated look that wont give away its discounted price tag.