are revealed every quarter in government filings required by the Securities and Exchange Commission. For the third quarter ending September 30, 2018, hedge fund managers invested the most in the 30 large cap stocks listed below. We also have a list of the topthat are no more, because the managers sold them last quarter. Likewise, we list the

The lists ofhedge fund stock holdingsare compiled by analyzing the13F SEC filingsof iBillionaires list of the 16best hedge fund managers. First, we equal weight the size of each managers portfolio. Therefore, the largest hedge funds (like Ray Dalios Bridgewater, the largest hedge fund in the world) do not skew the results. Second, we filter for stocks in the S&P 500. Third, we select the top 30 favorite stocks of the investment managers. Determining the 30 stocks that make up the greatest percentage ofeachhedge fund manager portfoliois the best way to find out which investments are favored most by those hedge fund managers. At iBillionaire we track the portfolios of the best self-made billionaires who have amassed their fortunes through financial markets and investing. For example, our list of the best managers includes Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn (the full list of thebest hedge fund managersis below). Without further ado, our list of the top large caphedge fund holdingsis below.

Out of the IBLN Index & iBillionaire Mix iBTF in 3Q18:

: The Top 30 Stocks the best 16 hedge fund managers owned as of September 30, 2018:

Brand new Stocks In The IBLN Index & iBillionaire Mix iBTF in 3Q18:

Check out thetop 30 stocks chosen by hedge fund managersin the second quarter of 2018.

Ourinvestment app iBillionairetracks the portfolios of self-made billionaires who have amassed their fortunes through financial markets and investing and makes them available for everyone to invest in. You can invest in the top 30 large-cap stocks listed above with as little as $100 through theBillionaire Mix Strategy, which tracks ouriBillionaire Index. It returned 17.20% in the last year ending August 10, 2018.* Alternatively, you can invest in the portfolios of individual hedge fund managers. Or you can do both! Our billionaire strategies are each made up of the namesake managers top holdings. Currently, we have seven billionaire strategies. However, we will be adding more soon.

every quarter with the latest top 30 investments.  There is no additional charge for the rebalance, and we use fractional shares. As a result, there is no added expense ratio because we create our own pool of investments instead of an ETF. An iBillionaire investment account costs just $1 per month up to $3,000 and you can start investing with just $5!in stocks, ETFs, and billionaire strategies on iBillionaire.*Past returns are not indicative of future performance.

Before joining iBillionaire, Courtney was at Shenkman Capital Management, Muzinich & Co., Business Insider, and . She graduated with a bachelors degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

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