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Liberty Head $5 (1839 – 1908)Indian $5 (1908 – 1929)

3 LI Coin Dealers Bilked In $330K Scheme, Prosecutors Say

A Long Island man has been charged with scamming several coin dealers out of rare coins, money and gold. (Miriam Sholder) OYSTER BAY, NY A Fort Salonga coin dealer has been accused in a $ …more info

However, there is another way to get Ancient Coins, and thats by killing Ancient Skeletons. These new skeletons are blue and gold, and carry a large sack of Ancient Coins on their back. Killing one …more info

How to complete Coin Guard Merchandise in GreedFall

GreedFalls early quest, Coin Guard Merchandise, is an introduction to these systems … If youve invested a talent point in Science, you can brew the potion yourself. If not, it costs 16 gold at the …more info