Verify your developer or project in few simple steps within seconds…

Hire verified developers and crypto service providers…

Run a due diligence for any new or existing companies…

Watch video seminars for upcoming projects and ICOs…

Watch video updates from verified service providers…

Complain against fake developers and exit scams …

Take help from our legal team for arbitration and litigations against fake projects and people…

We are in an era wherein a new project or an innovative product is launching in the crypto market almost every day and thus it has become the need of the hour to have a solution which not only safeguards the investments of people against scams & fraudulent projects but also provides a solution for the project initiators to verify and select the developers they want to involve or hire in their teams.

CvaaS or Crypto verification as a service provides you instant online verification using latest technologies and accesses to 3500+ databases across 80 countries in the world. Now verify any company, person or entity to mitigate financial risks and frauds.

A verified Developer on CVCC platform has gone through our rigorous processes of identity verification including document verification, identity verification and existence verification. All data submitted during verification are completely encrypted and stored securely with us only to be used in case of any frauds or exit scams.

Be it ICO or an upcoming project, we at CVCC clear the project as SAFE only after it passes our project security parameters and safety guidelines. Like for developers, all background verification data are encrypted and saved only to be used in situations of frauds or exit scams.

If you want to establish your crypto company, our in-house legal team will help you with the legal formalities in forming an entity as a company for your project. If you are a victim of fraud, scam or fake investments, CVCCs in-house legal team is here to help you understand the legal implications and solutions to your problems. From arbitration to litigation, CVCC will help you reach a solution with utmost safety, security & legality.

Blockchain has evolved in leaps and bounds as we progress and so are the endless solutions & possibilities. With the industry to yet reach its pinnacle, it has become mandatory to have some structure in place which focuses on safety of the project, team & developers.

We at CVCCC bring you the solution that lets you enjoy a good nights sleep and invest safely.

If you are a new project or an existing coin you can apply for a clearance certificate from us. The clearance is an assurance of your existence to the investors and the crypto market. All listed and approved projects will be listed for public view in our platform with an option of community rating.

There are three levels of certifications available wherein you can choose to display your complete details as Open or Selective or Private. All verified contact details of your company i.e. Linkedin, FB, twitter handle, address (if applicable) will be open to public for all levels of certifications.

All charges are to be paid in CVCC coin only. The charges for certification will depend on the type of membership and the existing status of your project. If you are an already existing coin of good standing your certification fee will be the minimal and higher with the newness of your project.

If you are a developer, you can get your credentials verified by our team to be listed as a verified developer with us. The verification process will involve submission of your documents inclusive of passport, verification of your social media handles and Github links and face to face verification through Facetime or Skype. All your documents submitted will be encrypted and stored with us and will not be shared with the public. We will certify you as a Genuine Developer with level of privacy as per your choice of certification.

There are 2 levels of certifications available Open & Closed.

All your coordinates incl. of your video resume & photograph will be open to public.

Only your resume and coordinates will be shared to public.

All charges are to be paid in CVCC coin only. The charges for certification will depend on the type of membership and the existing status of your project. If you are an already existing coin of good standing your certification fee will be the minimal and higher with the newness of your project.

If you are an investor in upcoming projects & ICOs we guarantee you complete safety & security of the verified projects. You can reach out to the projects or request for more details from closed projects or profiles depending on your membership level.

We also verify the credentials of yours as an authentic investor and our ranking system grades you depending on the number of stakes you hold in projects. With every new investment you make, your ranking and level as an investor goes up thus enabling you to get a chance to invest in closed projects where the investment is by invite only.

ICO or a new or existing project, reach out to your community as well as CVCC community through live interviews, seminars and knowledge sharing workshops. Using our platform features, host online events to connect with your investors and people and share the link with others on your social media platforms. As a developer you can host knowledge sharing events, showcase your work or host your own tech talk in CVCC platform along with live interviews and Q&A sessions.

You can run video or banner advertisements in our platform of your product, project or skills. It is mandatory for you to be a certified developer or project to be able to do so.

Feeling stuck on a legal issue or need an escrow service or arbitrator? CVCC offers you full services through the team of our in- house lawyers especially trained to handle crypto laws and policies.

We use 3D facial recognition for developers and users alike using distinctive features of the face such as the curves of the eye sockets, nose or chin as these areas are unique and usually dont change over time.

Our multiple document verification is the fastest, most secure and trusted feature that allows investors to compare a developers identifying information with a government record.

Our verification system captures front and back of all ID documents to get best possible and authentic image quality. The data is automatically extracted from ID documents to assess their authenticity.

Our verification ensure that the fonts on the document are correct and also makes sure that security features and designs that are expected from the type of document are present.

Our verification is equipped to recognize manipulations on the documents that can suggest document is potentially fraudulent. Our system can check the consistency and quality of a document and compares it to the templates of the genuine documents.

There are many ways fraudsters can try to cheat. One of the most common technique is to cover the original photo with another. But we check for visible edges around the photo that is usually printed onto the document.

The MRZ (machine-readable zone) of a document serves as the first line of defense against any identity fraud. A potential hire with fake identity can also bring huge financial and reputational damages to any upcoming project. Our verification services scans and records each MRZ code and checks its authenticity before confirming an identity.

Light tricks, poor quality, bad edges, unclear letters or images of person without pores, metadata info are some methods used by us to verify a document against Photoshop or any software editing.

We have a 3D view of the whole document as we ask the user to tilt the document in different ways to fully show the holograms which are especially hard to forge in a convincing way.

Take advantage of our cutting edge technology to verify your customers, vendors, business interests online. CVCC verification services take a few seconds and accesses over 400 trusted global data sources from across 80+ countries.

Use CVCC verification as a service to mitigate frauds, risks or financial crimes. Our database consists of over 3500 different types and formats of identity documents to verify identity documents and their authentic formats across the globe.

Our layered facial recognition technology checks 2D & 3D photographs and identifies unique focal points for future usage. Therefore, if any two images are similar with different names or identity, they can be highlighted immediately.

With CVCC gain secured access to global data sources including more than 5 billion unique data sources like real-time mobile ID from mobile network operators (MNOs), internet service providers (ISPs), etc.

Use CVCC verification services not only for personal verifications but also for business verification search and verify your company against 250 million businesses in real-time. Get access to entity business intelligence of small, medium or big size businesses in 80+ countries. CVCC verification service provides you real-time access to company filings from official registrars and performs enhanced due diligence procedures to uncover ownership structures and ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) or Board of Directors (BODs).

All transactions in the CVCC platform are supported by its own currency, the CryptoVerification Coin.

Built on Quark and super secured CVCC coin is enabled with fast block generation time thus making transactions instant. The total supply of CVCC is 36 Million with only 0.1% as the premine circulation which is to be utilized towards project development and enhancements.

CVC Coin is powered by masternodes with variable reward structure 100% to MN holders and 1000 CVCC as the masternode collateral.

CVC Coin as an investment not only provides a lucrative speculative return but also enables real time usability for listing projects and services in the crypto market.

CVC Coin will be the only mode of payment in the CVCC platform and can be obtained either during official limited presale or at major exchanges post launch.