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Mount Everest row ERUPTS as climbers walk past frozen DEAD bodies in bid to make summit

CLIMBERS looking to ascend Mount Everest are facing huge jams as dozens of people queue to make it to the summit.

In extraordinary images, climbers are seen waiting and walking past dead bodies as they make the dangerous climb to the worlds highest mountains top. The shocking footage has left many to question why so many people have been authorised to make the trip at the same time. According to Fox News, 11 people have so far died on the mountain.

Reports suggest they have died for a variety of reasons including altitude sickness, which can be caused by a loss of oxygen at high heights.

Nepal authorities say they have issued 381 permits for people to climb Everest – the highest number ever.

But in a video captured by climber Rohtash Khileri and uploaded to Instagram, a stream of people slowly make the journey up towards the mountains 29,035ft peak.

The post was captioned with: Every climber trying to climb up.

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Due to bad weather and more climbers is a jam.

With problems surrounding altitude, the climbers on have a limited time to reach the top before their lungs could fail.

Iconic mountaineer Um Hong-gil, who was honoured by the Nepal government for his Everest exploits, claimed the number of climbers should be limited.

He added: There should definitely be less permits issued and more experienced climbers on Everest.

Alan Arnette, a veteran of four scales to the top, said it wasnt unheard of for there to be such long queues.

He told Fox: The key factor this year was a limited number of days where the wind was low enough to be able to summit that contributed to the crowds.

That meant there were close to 800 people trying to go up in what last year was 11 straight days of suitable weather, and this year was only three.

The pictures sparked a row over how many people should be allowed to climb it.

Nepals Mountaineering Association claims it will push for policies to control the inexperienced climbers from attempting to scale Everest

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