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BAUHAUS INTL Last Quarter SSS Drops 21%; Expects Apr-Sep Loss at $60-95M

BAUHAUS INTL ) announced -21% same store sales growth of the Groups self-managed offline shops for the three months ended 30 September 2019. For six months ended 30 September 2019, same store sales growth was -19%.The Groups net loss for the six months ended 30 September 2019 is expected to increase t…

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Despite White Houses blacklisting of certain Chinese tech firms, China remains open to agreeing a partial trade pact with the US, indicating Beijings expectation to control the resulting economic impact, Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the matter.Negotiators, heading to Washington for negotiations beginning Thur…

SH-HK Connect Southbound Capital Inflows to HSBC, Tencent, CCB

Southbound Trading of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect recorded a net influx of RMB2.323 billion. Southbound Trading of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect recorded a net influx of RMB672 million.The three most active stocks with capital inflow to the Southbound Trading of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect were HSBC HOLDINGS (00005….

PRC Gazettes Reform Promotion Plan for Income Sharing between Central, Local Govt

The State Council gazetted a Reform Promotion Plan for Enforcing Adjustment on Income Sharing between Central and Local Government after Larger Scale of Tax and Charge Cut.The Plan outlined the initiatives in three directions: keeping 50:50 VAT sharing ratio between central and local government; re-anchoring the sharing mechanis…

Laura Cha: Disappointed about Failure to Buy LSEG; Leaves Door Open to Talks with Other Exchanges

HKEX ) Chairman Laura Cha voiced disappointment at a meeting in Singapore in regards of failure to acquire London Stock Exchange Group, Bloomberg reported. The Chairman accentuated that she does not wish to resort to hostile takeover, and will leave door open to possible negotiations with other stock exchanges in future…

Profit WarningFAIRWOOD HOLD Projects Interim Profit to Drop Significantly YoY

Short Selling Turnover $10.7B, or 17.9% of Eligible Securities Turnover at Close

CK ASSET Proposed Full Acquisition of UK Pub Operator Greene King Approved by Shareholders

Justin Chiu: Not to Close Malls Too Easily; CN-US Trade Solution Crucial

HK Wrap-upHSI Slips 210 Pts; HK Banks, Developers Subdued

Justin Chiu: Seaside Sonata At Least 10% Cheaper than New Projects in Same District; Most Important for Citizens to Live, Work in Peace, Contentment

On DebutTOPSPORTS ) Opens at $8.68 in Gray Market, Up 2.1% vs Listing Price

CK ASSET Seaside Sonata Launches 180 Units; Discounted Entry Fee from $7.217M

Full-day TakeawayHSI Closes at 25,682, Down 210 pts; SUNNY OPTICAL Down over 3%; LI NING, POWERLONG Hit New Highs

Research ReportCICC Raises ASM PACIFIC ) TP to $140; Expects 4Q Revenue to Recover

PIMCO CEO: Trade Deterioration May Lead to US Recession

TSMC Sep Revenue Down 3.7% MoM to Nearly TWD102.2B

WeWork Seeks US$4B Funds from SoftBank, JPM; Mulls Cutting At Least 500 Jobs: Rumors

Research ReportDBS Group Research: HANG SENG BANK ) Lacks Price Catalyst; TP $172

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TENCENT Reportedly Splashes US$500M in Hillhouse Capital Groups CN Drugstores

Govt Studies Further Curbs on Non-locals Home Buys; Conditions of Sale to Limit Sales to HKers Only: Report

Research ReportM Stanley Latest Ratings, TPs on HK Banks (Table)

Peoples Daily Commentary Challenges Apple Inc. of Assisting HK Violence

Liu He Not to Carry Special Envoy Title for President Xi in US Trade Talks, May Shorten Staying Time: Report

Tencent Call of Duty: Mobile Picks Up Over 100M Downloads in 1st Week

US Imposes Visa Restrictions on CN Officials, Objected by CN Embassy in US

HANG SENG BANK Slips Nearly 3% as Worst-performing Bluechip on M Stanleys Downgrade

CN E-commerce Operators Distance from Houston Rockets; LI NING Stops Tie-up

*M Stanley Cuts TPs on HK Banks; Downgrades HSBC, HSB to Underweight

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