Taiwan is a state in East Asia that is mostly located on the island of Taiwan. The official name of the state is the Republic of China, and this country claims to have the right of ruling the whole Chinese territory that was lost by the Republic of China after the Chinese Civil War with communists. Taiwans speed of economic growth made it one of the Four Asian Tigers countries with a miraculous speed of economic development. Taiwan is a dynamic, capitalistic and a high-tech, free-market economy. However, Taiwan has some Bitcoin regulations. Taiwan banned Bitcoin ATMs and explained it as a countermeasure against Bitcoin usage as a currency for bank payments. Taiwan has no regulations on Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin is accepted at three of the four major convenience store chains. Taiwan also does not restrict mining of any cryptocurrencies nor cryptocurrency trading.

Taiwanese blockchain-based digital property rights startup Bitmark raises $3 million in a funding round that saw investment from HTC and Alibaba.

A source close to the mining chip manufacturer involved in the deal confirmed an order for 600,000 7nm units.

Bitpoint Taiwan, a subsidiary of Bitpoint Japan, claimed $9.4 damages for loss due to overbilling after $32 million hack of parent exchange in July.

Crypto exchange VC Trade has integrated an AML compliance technology developed by Taiwanese digital currency hardware wallet company CoolBitX.

Professional crypto contrarian Nouriel Roubini wants the recording of his debate with the CEO of BitMEX released.

A blockchain platform says it will offer a way to buy concert tickets, clothes and coffee with crypto.

The co-founder of Cobinhood crypto exchange has been removed from corporate affairs due to his controversial behavior.

HTC has revealed plans to launch a second-generation model of its blockchain-centric smartphone before the end of 2019.

The National Development Council of Taiwan announced today that it will launch a blockchain alliance in three months.

The Taiwanese finance regulator plans to introduce a new STO-related fundraising mechanism, scheduled for release in June 2019.

Police in New Taipei, Taiwan, arrested fifteen suspects for allegedly running a cryptocurrency scam that raked in millions of dollars.

Seven people who allegedly managed a fraudulent crypto investment scheme have been charged with violation of multiple banking and business laws in Taiwan.

Chip manufacturing giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing reported a sizeable drop in its crypto mining-related revenue in 2018.

A Taiwanese man has been arrested on suspicions of stealing electricity worth over $3 million to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum worth around $14.5 million.

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