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If you have a comment, question or news tip for Fox News, you can contact the network online, by phone or by mail. Knowing the correct email address, phone number, or address for your specific concern will improve the likelihood of getting a reply or otherwise being heard.

Using Phone, Mail, or Email to Contact Fox News

Whereas some networks mostly encourage online submission of comments, Fox News does provide viewers with a 1-800 customer service number. You can use this phone number if you have a general inquiry, comment, suggestion, or concern.

This is also the phone number provided for offering news tips.

Be prepared to go through a series of phone prompts when you dial the number. These prompts will direct you to the person or department you need to speak with.

You could write Fox News the old-fashioned way by using snail mail.

The main address for Fox News Channel is 1211 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036.

Fox News lists emails for its many programs so that viewers can send comments to hosts or show producers.

Americas Newsroom w/ Bill and Martha can be emailed at a.

The networks website lists email addresses for other programs too.

If you live outside the United States but watch Fox News on the Internet or on television, let them know by sending an email to FO

You can also use this email address to let Fox News know that you would like to view their news channel even though the channel is not available in your area.

Only international emails will work with this email address.

Irena Briganti is the Group Senior Vice President of Media Relations at Fox News.

If you are in the media and need to contact Fox News for press-related matters, she is the person with whom you need to speak.

You can send her an email at irena. or a fax at .

If you have a product or service you would like to advertise through Fox News, you can email the companys advertising department directly at .

Using this email address, you can inquire about advertising opportunities with and Fox News in general. An employee involved with advertising will write back and explain the various advertising packages available to you.

If you would like to set up an advertising campaign with Fox News but do not want to contact them through the email address, you can also write a letter or make a phone call.

The address is: FOX News Digital, Digital Media Sales,1211 Avenue of the Americas, 22 Floor, New York, NY 10036. The phone number is: .

Fox even suggests that tweeting at different hosts is easier than emailing.

The main Fox News Twitter account . The main Fox News Facebook account is The main Fox News website is at Rupert Murdoch can be reached on Twitter .

The hosts who are on Facebook and Twitter have social media buttons above their biographies on the Fox News website. If you click on them, it will direct you to their pages.

If you have a lengthy comment to make, a personal comment, or a simple comment but are not a fan of Fox News on Facebook, you will need to click on the Message button at the top of the Fox News Facebook page to send a private message.

Fox News offers viewers several ways to contact the network with news comments, story corrections or news tips.

To email a news tip or correction, you can send a ticket at

You can also send news tips by tweeting them to the main Fox News account or posting them on Facebook. Fox News is also interested in videos or photos of news happening in your area.

Provide as many details as possible. If sending a correction or story question, specify when the story was on and what it was about. Corrections should be backed with outside, reliable sources. If sending in a tip, indicate the topic and location. Also provide any sources you have to support or verify the tip.

The networks website has a help page in which you can search topics you want information about; its probably a good idea to see if a frequently asked questions page answers your question before calling.

Questions addressed include how to find jobs or internships at Fox News, where you can buy Fox News products, and issues with the Fox News App for Xbox 360.

The page also addresses many programming questions, ranging from information on how polls are conducted to program scheduling.

Use the help page for online-related questions.

The network also has a help page devoted to answering questions related to its online products.

This page includes information on the playing of videos and online commenting.

Technical errors addressed at this page include loading issues with stories on and link issues. The page also provides information on signing into and deleting a m account. You can also sign up for breaking news alerts at the page.

Fox also has a page that answers questions relating to mobile devices.

You can find information about Android and iPhone use of Fox News mobile app here.

iPad accessibility and information on the Xbox app can be found here also.

Visit the Affiliates section of the Fox News website.

If you do not know the name or website of your local Fox News affiliate or need to find an affiliate from another geographic area.

You can view a list of Fox news affiliateshere.

Note that the term affiliates simply refers to local Fox stations.

You should see a map of the United States on the affiliates page.

A list of affiliates should appear. Scroll through this list until you find the affiliate you need and use the information provided on screen.

Visit the individual website for that affiliate. Each affiliate listing on the Fox News page also has a link to that affiliates specific website. You can click on that link to go to the website, and once there, you can browse for other contact methods specific to that affiliate.

I enjoy watching the Five at Five, but I dont like how Bob Beckel treats others on the show. How can I find out when he will be off the show so I can continue watching again?

Fox News polls are random. They contact random people and ask their opinions on topics, which helps the polls to be more reliable. There is no way to guarantee that you can be included in their polls.

I dont want my email address used or shown when I contact someone at Fox with a comment. What do I do?

You can use to get a temporary email address, then you can send the email, then after ten minutes the email account will automatically be deleted. You can also create an email account normally, then send the email, then delete the account.

What email address can I use to contact Fox with an opinion about a show?

The best way to voice your opinion about a show is to use the shows email address.

Can the next debate be set up so all candidates can answer the same question without interruption?

wikiHow isnt affiliated with Fox News and cannot pass along messages or comments to them. You could try contacting them by following the steps here, though!

I would like to know how to get air time to discuss and promote an upcoming community event. What do I need to do?

Please follow the directions described in Method 1 Step 6 to get advertisements on the network or on Fox and Friends.

Do the hosts actually answer the emails themselves?

Sometimes, but not always. Its likely a staffer is sifting through them. You might have better luck reaching them directly through Twitter.

Where can I find a master list of show emails?

You can find a list of all Fox News shows on theFox News website. Find the show you wish to email, click on it to visit the page, and navigate to the shows specific contact information from there. You can also find many of the shows email addresses on the Fox NewsContact Us article, but note that this list is not kept up-to-date like the previously mentioned show directory.

What phone number gets me to a live human at Fox News?

Unfortunately, you will have to go through the computer voice prompt when calling Fox News.

What is the email address to contact Dana Perino on Fox News?

How do I get the email address for a host at Fox News?

Why is the National Anthem only played on the weekends prior to the start of live programming in Fox News?

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Be realistic. The network is not going to transfer your call to Rupert Murdoch, for example. You might be able to reach him directly by tweeting at his personal Twitter page though.

To contact Fox News, call their customer service number by dialing 1-. Follow the operators prompts, which will direct you to the person or department you need to speak with. You can also write a letter and mail it to 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10036. If you prefer to email, you can visit the Fox News website to find their email address for general comments, or the emails for individual hosts and show producers.Keep reading to learn how to send Fox News a correction or a news tip.

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