Many factors reflect the answer. One of the major factors is the size of your company: very small business,

The top payroll programs are easy and simple to use service and at the same time coveranything in the process of paying employees from filing all type of payroll taxes to sending employee paystubs.

Nowadays, the most popular areonline payroll systems. Running on a cloud, they allowed you to manage them from everywhere you want. But before choosing a web-based program, you have to know many important details (such as this is nota very affordable and cheapsoftware).

List of the most popular and top payroll software for small business.

How to choose the best payroll service? A guide with useful tips and infographic for free download.

Gusto is definitely among the most popular and top payroll software for small business available on the market. The service cover anything in theprocess of paying a companys employees: from filing all type of payroll taxes to sending employee paystubs and W-2s.

One of its main strengths is that it is really simple to use and easily integrates with benefits and workers comp. Actually, you can manage everything in one place. Also, they have a great support available by phone or email.

Why is Gusto among the best payroll services for small business?

Employees can use it when they want they can download their paystubs and W-2s, even after they leave.

All of the state, local and federal taxes are filed automatically.

Seamless integration with other financial software such as

that provides friendly and professional support.

you can pay your employees at any time.

Flexible payment schedules you can easily make a schedule for payment on a weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, or monthly basis.

No calculator needed and easy cancellation options when you make a mistake.

Gusto is afully-featured payroll, benefits administration and compliance solution for small businesses that allows you to seamlessly manage your  workforces HR needs. One of its best parts is that Gusto isvery user-friendlyfor both employers and employees.

Patriot Payroll is also one of the simplest to use online payroll software for small business. It is famous for an easy and affordableaccounting and payroll software.The company offers his services in two plans: Basic Online Payroll and Full-Service Payroll.

Patriot Payroll includes streamlining the whole process of keeping payroll, and can help you calculate payroll tax, print checks, establish direct deposits and much more.

It is also greatfor startupswho have not a previous experience with payroll systems and programs.

Suitable for multiple types of industries such as retail, engineering, distribution, field service and more.

to set up and use. Paying your employees is really easy with no necessary efforts.

for the small business and in-home companies.

You can instantly print paychecks for the employees (using pre-printed paychecks or blank checkstock), or you can pay them via direct deposit (its free).

The program handles all aspects of depositing and

filing federal, state, and local payroll taxes

. The system determines which payroll taxes are necessary for your business.

Run payroll online from anywhere with no additional charge.

the software is tested, audited, and bonded, guaranteeing that the payroll and tax filings are accurate

As a conclusion, we can say that Patriot Payroll is oneof the easiest and fastest payroll systemsavailable out there and specially created for small business needs. Everything in the payment process is well organized. If you are a newbie or startup, the software does a wonderful job of guiding you through everything.

No previous experience required. Also, this isone of the cheapest and affordable online payroll softwaresolutions. The payroll program is priced for the smallest of small businesses.

Intuit payroll is another full service andtop payroll software for small businessand a competitor of Gusto and Patriot Payroll. It covers basically everything in the field of employee payment process and steps.

Actually, the company offers 3 types of plans Basic (just paychecks), Enhanced (Paychecks & payroll taxes) and Full Service (You enter hours, they do the rest). Intuit also supportsa huge range of  payroll featuresthat you can take in addition such as Workers Compensation Payment Service, Labor Law Poster Compliance Service, 1099 Contractor Forms & Services, Employee Time Tracking, Web and Mobile Apps.

Why is itone of the best payroll software for small business needs?

Comprehensive payroll support and services you can call for

Everything you need to manage your employees hiring tips and tools, workers compensation, poster compliance service and more.

A great selection of payroll-processing tools and

Run payroll online or on your mobile phone (iPhone and Android).

Can be used as a standalone app or integrated with QuickBooks.

Instant paychecks or use free direct deposit.

Intuit Payroll is one of thelargest online payroll servicesin the country. The company offers one of the highest values in the pricing. If you need a high level of payroll services, it is worth to consider Intuit.

The Full-Service Payroll package provides you and your employees with comprehensive payroll support that help make the whole payroll process easier and simpler.

Wagepoint is one of thecleanest and easiest web-based payroll systems for small business. It is an  all-in-one payroll solution filled with all list of the features small business needs. Everything the small businesses need to pay their employees or contractors is included in one simple plan at a very affordable price.

The program is suitable for a huge range of business fields, including retail, banking, distribution, healthcare, and much more. Wagepoint is compatible on PCs and Macs.

This system works seamlessly for  sole proprietors, startups and any small business with less than 100 employees. Also, they provide one of the friendliest and quickest support available in the industry.

online payroll software built especially for small businesses

One of the friendliest support with a great speed of the contact.

payroll taxes are calculated and collected with each payroll.

Payment to Contractors Pay both your hourly / salaried employees and contractors via direct deposit.

W2 / 1099 / W3 Reports At year-end, the system automatically populate all W2s / 1099s with the payroll amounts for the year.

Wagepoint submits your New Hire Reports within 20 days of adding a new employee or re-hiring an employee.

Additional Incomes bonuses, commissions, expenses, holiday pay, overtime and etc. Wagepoint automatically calculates the tax implications of any income.

Other features: online paystubs, workers compensation,

Wagepoint has some of the most positive reviews and a high level of customer satisfaction. If you searching for flexible,absolutely easy to use platformwith dedicated and fast support, Wagepoint can suits you very well.

Their one simple plan covers everything you need to pay your employees and contractors. As a small business owner or startup and first-time user, you will see an easy to navigate system that can save much of your time.

Wave Payroll is a software designed for real small business. The system has one of the mostaffordable pricesin the industry  with one simple, everything-included price.

Wave payroll lacks some features but has the right combination of options needed forsoleproprietors, freelancers and contractors, and very small businesseswith 5-10 people.

Why is it suitable for real small businesses and sole proprietors?

The right and smart selection of features and options for very small companies and self-employed.

Employee self serve portal for pay-stubs and W2s.

256-bit SSL encryption, and automatic backup.

with no surprises   there are no set-up fees and no hidden charges.

Wave is an intuitive application and a popular solution for in-house work self-employed,  and very small companies with few employees and simple finances.

There are more feature-rich software out there but if youre willing to pay a low price, Wave Payroll may suit your needs.

This is an important question because as a business owner finances and employee payment process has a crucial role in the overall success.

First, you have to evaluate your specific business needs. You have to consider yourcompany size and number of employees.Are you a very small business owner, self-employed in-house worker or your company has 20 or 50 employees?

If you have avery small company with 3 employees, a really simple and cheap (affordable) software with a low number of features can suits you the best.

But ifyour company has 50 employeesand you are about to grow your business, then you need a full-featured payroll system with no gaps.

A good payroll program has to allow you to easily perform and track your payroll processes.

Here list of some buying considerations anduseful tipsto follow when you choose a payroll software for small business:

Tax filing features areessential for every payroll systemand every good payroll software has to provide these features. You have to know that tax regulation is changeable and you have to be compliant with these changes in order to avoid penalties.

Make sure you choose a payroll software that offers tax filing features! This will relieve you of the complexities and will help your overall employee process to be smooth without mistakes or other law problems.

Actually, the top payroll programs have an option that allows all of the state, local and federal taxes to be filed automatically.

Small businesses have a couple of options to deliver paychecks to their employees. The main are: a direct deposit ( directly into the employees bank accounts), checks sent from the payroll provider and more.

Actually, the most preferable for employees isdirect depositbecause this is the most convenient and time-saving method.

Not all payroll software offers direct deposit. It is a good option for you to find a program that allows direct deposit.

This option includes an online portal login for employees to view paychecks, to manage their own personal payroll data and to access other types of information.

It is a great feature that saves a lot of time and eliminates additional communication between small business owner and employees.

This is an important feature because it has a direct effect on implementation and maintenance costs.

Depending on the size of your business, you may need the data to be pulled from the payroll system in from various other software, such astime-tracking, core HR, accounting softwareand etc.

If this is the case for you, make sure your payroll system provide seamless integration with other financial programs.

This is an important option too. A fast, reliable and competent help via phone or live chat can save you time and help you resolve quickly different types of issues.

Free email, phone, and chat support that provides answers quickly when necessary, is a very valuable help to the whole payroll process.

Best payroll systems are easy to use with no necessary efforts. Also, they have to be quick and user-friendly.

This is a crucial characteristic! If you have a slow and difficult to use program, this will cause you unnecessary headaches and waste of time and resources.

Download the following infographic (How to choose the best payroll software) for free:

Picking thebest payroll software for small businessneeds has a very important role in the whole business process. The right software can bring you a lot of benefits and advantages not only for you but for also for your employees.

By using a quick and efficient payroll system, there is great potential to save money, time and to make the wholeemployee paying processan easy and seamless task.

When you examine the different payroll programs and options, always compare the software features with your individual and specific needs and characteristics such as the size of your business, the number of benefits you offer, your payment frequency and etc.

Thebest payroll software programfor your small business is the one that cover all of them.

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I am a current user of SutiSofts HR and Payroll solution and have been using the service for several years. It is an innovative solution that is easily scalable and designed for organizations of small,medium and large organizations. I suggest you to use SutiSofts payroll solution ( that which can be integrated with various systems like ADP, Traxpayroll, Paylocity etc.., You can even customize the software according to your payroll policy which makes it very easy to manage.

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