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Why your small business needs a payroll and HRMS software?

Last week of the month is when everyone at the office gets busy completing their targets and pending tasks. So as the HRs! In a small business, their number of employees might be less but it doesnt mean the HRs job is easy! Avoid last minute error in calculating the payroll and get the HR process working amazingly well. Get the series of a daunting task done right! Prepare reports with absolutely zero errors and dont think of manual processing again! And, why your small business needs payroll and HRMS software. Because you need to follow a great process that works flawlessly.

Being a small business is not the reason to skip HRMS and Payroll software solutions for business. Every company is treated equally when HR complexities and payroll processing is considered. You need HRMS and Payroll software to save operating costs of your business, to improve the efficiencies of different departments, to get a better understanding of the functionality of the business and make better decisions. And more importantly, you need a software in place to improve the organization and compete with your competitors. You may also opt for good software if you are looking to enhance the business experience. With better visibility of data and report, employees will have access to necessary information.

247HRM is the right choice for small business owners who are trying to regularize their HR activities and payroll processes. Its a one-time investment and you will be impressed with the results! 247HRM is helpful for smaller firms as it helps you to make the right decision, improve the productivity of the employees and easy to track the return on investment. As a one-stop solution, the HR modules in 247HRM helps businesses to manage their functions with maximum efficiency.

And yes, if you havent realized it yet, you need to start understanding the difficulties of the processes without having a proper software in place. Use the time more efficiently with the payroll software. You can be free from no business errors and mistakes. And 247HRM is highly scalable and its easy to customize. Do you have a process in place? We help you to integrate your current process into our software. Are you ready for the challenge?

Why does your small business need a software to manage its HR activities and Payroll process?

needs a perfect software to manage the HR activities and payroll processing because those are the topics that consumes a lot of time. The

also helps you to handle a large volume of data, to compete with the other businesses, to work more efficiently and to provide a better employer-employee relationship. Integrating payroll, time and attendance, database, mobile access, training and development and other features of your business into a software will help you make the right decision and helps your business to grow.

Better decisions are a boon for small business. A poor decision can make or break a company! How can you make or break a decision? Its completely based on the error-free reports. You need to know the facts and figures to make the best decision. When you work with worksheets and a spreadsheet, you are not going to have the exact data to analyze the status of the business. Forget the manual reporting and calculations and shift to software that helps you generate accurate reports that lead to the better decision.

See How Our HRMS & Payroll Software Can Benefit Your Small Business in India

Hard word! Work hard! And work really hard! In a small business, everyone must work really hard to achieve a better status. If your employees are busy updating worksheets and spreadsheet, when will they have time to think of better ideas and innovative thoughts for the business. With 247HRM in place, your employees will have more time to concentrate on activities that would help your business to grow well.

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? How much have you invested? Get accurate facts and reports of your business with the best software and payroll software solution offered by 247HRM. Wed like to customize your business processes using our efficient and effective HRMS and Payroll software that is scalable, flexible and effective. Implement the most amazing software in your business and see the difference yourself.

Witness the increased efficiency in your output using our HRMS & Payroll Software

247HRM is the best solution to simply the HR and Payroll process and it is the most preferred solutions for small businesses in India.

Our aim is to help small business follow the right HR and Payroll processing

Do you have an HR process? Are you able to define new processes and make better decisions? Wed like to help small businesses compete with the large industry leaders by following the best HR and Payroll processes that is not time-consuming. From training, payroll management, HR activities and more, we help small businesses to achieve better recognition.

Discover the need for HR software solution for your business

Unless you find the right scope to improve your business, you will not make it big. With 247HRM you will come across major and minor areas of the businesses that need your attention. Whats the purpose of your business? Are you able to achieve successful results? With 247HRM, you will understand the scope of your business and it will help you to work on areas that need maximum attention.

A small business needs better recognition and it needs a good foundation. Having a better HRMS software and payroll will help you manage your team in a better way. As your business start to grow, you will clearly have the right reports that will help you save from unnecessary conflicts. With the best reports in hand, you can process in your business steadily. Overall, you can establish a good foundation for your small business with our 247HRM.

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Our Top HR & Payroll Software Clients for Small Business

Hundreds of small businesses and companies trust us to give them the right Payroll & HR Management Solution.

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We have 3 locations in Andhra Pradesh, we are using 247HRM from past 2 years. Main Server is at our Hyderabad office. We are connecting other 2 locations through VPN. 247HRM is user friendly. Connecting the 247HRM server to other locations, performance is good & Report Generation is very fast.

247HRM is very user friendly, that weve earned ourselves hours in time saved on our payroll process. For a small business, time management is crucial and having 247HRM on our side, means that we can allocate our precious time on other works.

We are using 247HRM in our organization. We are very happy to mention that the product works great its friendly user software and the support team is very good. So Thanks to 247HRM Team.

ATASH SEEDSMr. Ramakrishna Vemula (Accounts Officer)

I wanted to take a minute to thank the entire team from Interbiz Payroll for your support. The Interbiz team has provided us with incredible service. When we have a question, we call your office and dont have to worry about being put into a long queue or having to keep track of a trouble ticket number, we get the answers we need immediately prompt response.

We are using the 247HRM from Past 5+ years, we are using Personal Management, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Payroll Management. 247HRM is very user friendly where we have options for uploading of Employee Data, Attendance Details, Allowances & Deductions and generates all the reports in excel. We thanks Interbiz Team for their timely support during our payroll processing.

We have been using 247HRM since 2007 and have found the software very efficient and user friendly. Because it is so easy to use we do not often need to phone the help desk but on occasions when we do, we have found the staff more than willing to assist with any problems that arise and answer all questions immediately.

APARNA CONSTRUCTIONSMr. KVS Bhaskar (Assistant Manager HR)

We have 3 locations in Andhra Pradesh, we are using 247HRM from past 2 years. Main Server is at our Hyderabad office. We are connecting other 2 locations through VPN. 247HRM is user friendly. Connecting the 247HRM server to other locations, performance is good & Report Generation is very fast.

SRINIVASA HATCHERIESMr. Prasanna Srinivas Chitturi (Asst. Manager Systems)

Being a new client with Interbiz we experienced great customer service handled with professionalism and promptness. The product (247HRM) is user friendly, easy to learn and implement. We had such a great experience and smooth transition going from another service provider to Interbiz We would recommend Interbiz and their professional service to prospective clients.

We are using cloud based 247HRM, Interbiz cloud based service is excellent and our payroll process running is very easy. While travelling also will be able to run the pay roll and generate the all the reports timely basis. In 247HRM, Employee help desk is very useful for communicate to employees. Interbiz support desk has given immediate response in-case any query raised.

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Witness the increased efficiency in your output using our HRMS & Payroll Software

Get a first hand view of how our HR & Payroll Software helps your company increase productivity while drastically reducing the time you spend on monotonous HR tasks.

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