The House speaker left a White House meeting about the Syrian crisis after she said the president had had a very serious meltdown and insulted her.

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Golf buddies no more? Trump, Graham swing apart over Syria

The golf-and-politics alliance between President Donald Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham frayed Wednesday over Syria, with the South Carolina Republican threatening to become the White Houses worst nightmare unless more is done to protect Kurdish fighters against Turkish attacks. Trump

President Donald Trumps decision — made in the span of a week — to withdraw about 1,000 American troops from northern Syria caught the Pentagon, and the forces on the ground, off guard.To carry out the endless wars since Sept. 11, 2001, which Trump has vowed to wrap up, the American

The reality of Washington in 2019 is this: A meeting between President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will very likely end with someone abruptly walking out of the room. Trump accused Democratic leaders of sympathizing with communists in Syria and slammed Pelosi as a third-rate politician,

Congressional Democrats walked out of a White House meeting on Syria, claiming Donald Trump had a meltdown and called Nancy Pelosi third rate.

Seeking to leverage his experience in foreign policy, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday ripped Donald Trumps withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Syria as the latest proof that the president is a complete failure who is gutting American credibility around the

Its a familiar ritual, with Trump and congressional leaders meeting on official business, only to see the session devolve into colorful, name-calling commentary thats a new kind of addition to the history books. Trumps action has opened the door for a Turkish military attack on Syrian

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff says in a letter to colleagues that investigators will unveil the transcripts when it will not jeopardize the investigation. Schiff chairs the House Intelligence Committee. Members from that and other House panels have been questioning officials about

Bernie Sanders got the news that he would be receiving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezs endorsement while he was lying in his hospital bed.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren found herself the favored target of her White House rivals during Tuesdays presidential debate, with moderate Democrats repeatedly arguing she is too liberal to beat Republican President Donald Trump in next years election. Warrens recent ascent in opinion

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/GettyPresident Donald Trump invited Democratic Party leaders to the White House on Wednesday and proceeded to have what those leaders described as a meltdown in front of them. Before the lawmakers left early, Trump managed to rail against communists, his own former Secretary

For only the fourth time in U.S. history, the House of Representatives has started a presidential impeachment inquiry. House committees are trying to determine if President Donald Trump violated his oath of office by asking a foreign country to investigate a political opponent. The House impeachment

Democrats are in an impeachment bind. For the first time, theyre receiving a gusher of evidence to support charges that President Donald Trump abused his power for political and personal gain, pressuring Ukraines fledgling government to investigate his political rival Joe Biden. There are two competing

Donald Trump said U.S.-allied Kurds are not angels in response to global condemnation over the Turkey-Syria conflict.

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto on Wednesday confronted one of the networks most loyal Trump defenders, dismantling Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarretts latest pro-Trump book that asserts the president is the victim of an ongoing witch hunt by the so-called Deep State and Democrats.As Jarrett promoted

A proposed ban on so-called conversion therapy in Utah is in danger of being derailed after the influential Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-day Saints came out Tuesday night in opposition, just months after it said it wouldnt stand in the way of a similar measure under consideration. State

Vice President Mike Pence departs for Turkey to undertake arguably his most significant mission yet, seeking to halt a weeklong assault on Syrian Kurds begun after President Donald Trump withdrew U.S. forces from northern Syria. Pence was scheduled to leave Wednesday evening, just hours after Trump

President Donald Trump has touted a preliminary agreement with China as a massive deal, but even some of his staunchest supporters arent hiding their skepticism. You shouldnt be thrilled, said Michael Pillsbury, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and outside adviser to Trump. Pillsbury was

The House voted Wednesday afternoon on a bipartisan resolution condemning President Donald Trumps decision to move U.S. troops out of Syria.

Senate Republicans got a civics lesson Wednesday on their roles in an impeachment trial. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell led the lesson Wednesday as the chambers top Republican and as one of a handful of Republicans remaining in the Senate from the 1999 impeachment trial of President Bill

Agriculture commodity groups and some farmers expressed frustration and anger Wednesday with a rule released by the Environmental Protection Agency that they said fails to uphold a promise President Donald Trump made 12 days ago to fulfill the intent of an ethanol law passed by Congress. Since Trump

Showing her mettle as a campaign fundraiser, retired Marine combat pilot Amy McGrath hauled in more than $10.7 million since launching her bid to unseat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. McGrath has outpaced the powerful Republican lawmaker in fundraising since entering the race.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democratic leaders cut short a meeting with Republican President Donald Trump after he had a meltdown over a House of Representatives vote condemning his Syria withdrawal and showed no signs of having a plan to deal with a crisis there. Trump called Pelosi

Joe Biden cash on hand totals lag behind fellow Democratic candidates, raising questions about his campaign.

Any business that becomes reliant on Chinese dollars is always at risk of becoming a pro-authoritarian stooge.

We need to stop expecting moral leadership from for-profit businesses like the NBA.

The only way for the NBA to wash its hands of these issues is to completely move out of China altogether.

The NBA needs China more than China needs the NBA.

Far from being vulnerable in this fight, the NBA holds all the leverage.