Thirty years from now, well need to feed, clothe, shelter, and otherwise provide for 2 billion more people. Human-caused global warming is going to

Among Dutch-speaking art lovers, 2019 is known as a Rembrandt-jaar (Rembrandt year), one marking the 350th anniversary of the death of the artist

If 2019 was the year Greta Thunberg and environmental scientists put the uncomfortable truth of climate change squarely on the agenda, 1962 was the

Western democracies are in a state of crisis. The liberal world order that was created after World War II is crumbling and we dont quite understand

Philosophy of culture has a long history of reifying culture(s) in opposition to nature. This goes a long way back to the Greek Sophists. Hippias,

A million. Thats how many more dollar millionaires there are in the world that there were last year, according to a Global Wealth Report. By mid-2019

Dreaming of running your own business but wondering where in the world to start? Well, heres a quick suggestion New Zealand. The next start-up

On a recent Sunday, across the Potomac River from the U.S. capital, two pre-teen girls were dusting off a refurbished dresser near a busy road,

Innovations such as roads that reflect heat and water-absorbing pavements that will help the Olympic Games in Tokyo be a carbon neutral event, could

From penalising cars to planting trees, dozens of mayors from every continent pledged cleaner air on Friday in a bid to improve urban health and

In 1919, pilot and photographer Walter Mittelholzer flew over the Mont Blanc massif in a rickety propeller-driven aircraft, taking pictures that gave

Governments around the world are looking to boost renewable energy capacity as they race to cut their reliance on fossil fuels. But one of the big

The planets population is growing rapidly – both in number and, in many places, size. Rising obesity levels place a heavy burden on healthcare

Remittances are poised to grow to $550 billion this year, making them the single biggest source of external funding for recipient economies,

Theres a reason retirement is often referred to as the golden years. Many view retirement as a welcome reward following a successful career. The

South African medium-term budget confirmed for Oct. 30

Tito Mboweni, South African Finance Minister, looks on during the official opening of the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town, South Africa September 5, 2019. REUTERS/Sumaya Hisham JOHANNESBURG

Tax havens have become a defining feature of the global financial system. Multinational companies can use various schemes to avoid paying taxes in

My five year old daughter asked me recently if could take a bag and her gardening gloves to school. I said yes, of course but why? She replied that

Teaching is the most important job in the world; it impacts the growth and prosperity of both communities and nations. The prospects of any countrys

Burying radioactive waste is widely seen as the safest way to dispose of it. Researchers are exploring how we tell future generations about the

Cities are vital to limit global warming because they are home to more than half the worlds population and generate three-quarters of carbon

The Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils, taking place on 3-4 November in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the annual gathering of the World

Enthusiasm for bringing more women into corporate boardrooms is dimming, but the biggest obstacle to women moving up in the corporate world is the

During the next 16 years, all of the worlds 10 fastest growing cities are going to be in Africa. If this growth is a process of people voting with

A Turkish artist has built a wall of shoes for women killed by domestic violence

In 2017, Canada announced a gender-based violence strategy, with $76 million earmarked for research and data collection as well as support for

They might seem like simple, everyday objects, but these three innovative ideas could make a huge differences to the lives of the 365 million

World Economic Forum: Israel Nabs Top Spot In Entrepreneurship, Macroeconomic Stability

Israel stood firm in 20th place out of 141 economies in the World Economic Forums 2019-2020 Global Competitiveness Report published last week,

The cure for what ails us is greater engagement by citizens

The question we have to ask is, what is the work for us to do? That is both an individual and collective question for each one of us as we try to

Ephraim Kofi Kenney does not like to work in the fields scaring pests away. But today he must. A flock of migratory birds has repeatedly invaded his

Greenhouse gas emissions have already peaked, and are continuing to fall, in 30 major cities including New York, London and Paris. Austin, Athens,