, is an American online media company known for publishing the financial news website

Business Insider was founded in 2007 byHenry BlodgetandKevin P. Ryan.4In 2013,Jeff Bezosled an effort to raise $5 million for Business Insider Inc. through his investment companyBezos Expeditions.5On September 29, 2015,Axel Springer SEannounced that it had acquired 88% of the stake in Business Insider Inc. for a reported $343 million (€306 million).67After the purchase,Axel Springer SEheld a stake of approximately 97%, andJeff Bezosheld the remaining shares through Bezos Expeditions.8As of 2018, Axel Springer owns a 100% stake in Insider Inc.9

Business Insider Inc.s name was changed to Insider Inc. in December 2017 as the company planned on branching out to different subjects on social media.10In January 2018, the firm moved its global headquarters inNew York Cityfrom theFlatiron Districtto theFinancial District.11In March 2018, it launched its first advertising campaign, with the tagline Get in.12The firm started using the Digital Content Ratings ofNielsen Holdingsto measure its digital video audience in July 2018.13

Business Insideris the original publication of Insider Inc., focusing on business and financial news.4The websiteTech Insideroriginally started as a standalone technology-focused news website in 2015,14but it was eventually incorporated into a section ofBusiness Insider.10

In 2015, Business Insider started establishing a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook forInsider(stylized as INSIDER), its forthcoming general news site comparable toBuzzFeed.15The official website,, launched in May 2016 and focuses on lifestyle articles, with Facebook pages dedicated to topics such as food, art, and travel.1617

In October 2016, Business Insider startedMarkets Insider, a globally-focused markets data and news service. Data is provided by Germany-based finance portal, another Axel Springer holding.18

Business Insider Intelligenceis a pay-walled daily email product.19

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