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Environmental Protection Equipment & Products

Machinery, Raw Materials & Scientific Equipment

Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Service

Chinese Medicine & Health Products Exhibition

Electronics, Electrical Appliances & Lighting

Accounting, Management Consultancy & Corporate Services

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Founded in Hong Kong in 2014, Rock Training Consultants Ltd set up Guangzhou and Shanghai subsidiaries in 2015 to serve the GBA and other mainland cities. Its corporate training courses mainly cover change leadership, sales and services, persuasive communication, and leadership development. Its co-founders spoke to HKTDC Research about their experience in providing corporate consultancy in the GBA and how corporate management consultancy service and training differ between HK and the mainland.

Greater Bay Area companies should devise appropriate IP strategies and have an integrated plan for technology development and IP registration/acquisition. They should also look out for related licensing opportunities and seek financing by using an effective platform. This way, they can convert the burden into a profitable business-development project.

Hong Kong Companies in the GBA (11): Chinas Booming Corporate Training Market

Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Electronic Accessories (Marketing)

The Greater Bay Area: Cyber Resilience for Better Business

Online risks associated with cyber attacks may be serious challenges as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area develops businesses for the future. Hungarys Cyber Services Zrt aims to introduce its wide-ranging consultancy services developed globally to bring cyber resilience to companies, governments and related bodies involved in the mega blueprint.

The Greater Bay Area: Making an Impact with Integrated Services

The Greater Bay Area: Powering Smart Integration

US Ophthalmic Industry Eyes Sustainable Vision as its Future Focus

Overseas Construction Sector Looks to Build Its Cambodian Presence

E-commerce Set to Dominate Russias Electronics and Jewellery Sales

MALAYSIA: 2020 Budget Looks to Woo Overseas Investors and Incentivise Exporters

VIETNAM: Import of Pre-owned IT Items Granted Conditional Approval

INDONESIA: Government Mulls New SEZs and New Investor Incentives

Additional List 3 Products from Mainland China Excluded from Section 301 Tariffs

Import Restrictions Imposed on Plywood Alleged to Evade AD/CV Duties

Safety Standards for Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs and Play Yards Amended

The Greater Bay Area: Cyber Resilience for Better Business

Hong Kong Companies in the GBA (10): Unlocking the Potential of E-Learning in the Mainland Market

The Greater Bay Area: Making an Impact with Integrated Services

Guides to Doing business and Investing in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia and Turkey

Accessing ASEAN Consumer Market: Electronic Accessories

Accessing ASEAN Consumer Market: Toys and Games

China Combines Foreign Trade Operator and Place of Origin Certification Procedures

China Outlines Plans for 20 Dedicated AI Development Zones

China Set to Establish Online Construction Industry Blacklist

SAUDI ARABIA: Foreign Firms Allowed to List on Local Exchanges

UAE: Online Licence Renewal Available for ADGM-registered Firms in Abu Dhabi

KENYA: Standard Gauge Railway Monopoly Lifted

Brexit: UK Parliament Votes to Approve Deal Reached by EU and UK but Rejects Timetable to Leave by 31 October 2019

Official Guidelines Published on Interpretation and Application of EU Law on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts

The Development, Role, and Influence of the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor System

The Trend of Industrial Transformation in Mainland China and Role for Hong Kong

The 10th Anniversary of RMB Internationalization and Future Path Constructing a New Ecological Circle of RMB Internationalization Under Financial Markets Opening

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2019 Mid-Year Export Review: Escalating Trade Tensions Undermine Growth Prospects

Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Baby and Maternity Products

Going Global Via Cross-Border Intellectual Property Services in Greater Bay Area

Developments in Western Guangdong and Opportunities for Hong Kong

Hong Kong Companies in the GBA (9): From OEM to OBM

Trump Announces Hike of Five Percentage Points in Additional Tariffs on Mainland Chinese Products

Hong Kong Companies in the GBA (8): The Hong Kong-Shenzhen Synergy in R&D and Application

Smart Home Tech and Smart Inventors Dominate US Hardware Expo

Developments in Western Guangdong and Opportunities for Hong Kong

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