Payroll services for small business should be user-friendly, efficient, and responsive. Payroll software for small business should be accessible, customizable, and automated. More importantly, payroll for the heart of America needs to keep the constantly evolving concerns of small businesses at the forefront of their efforts.

Entrepreneurial journeys deserve guides that know their struggles and have mapped the landscape they tread.

ConnectPays connected payroll model is designed to provide small businesses like yours with exactly the support you need:

If you want to set it and forget it, we are here to provide automated, cloud-based payroll and updated compliance services to keep your books running smoothly.

If you want hands-on service or a human touch, our long-standing, dedicated payroll experts are at your call to answer any question or fix any problem.

Online payroll software, mobile payroll app, and On-The-Clock digital time and attendance make logging hours, getting paid, and running reports fast and easy.

Our connected model allows you to keep your broker of record as we integrate payroll with their service model and connect to further money saving benefits.

1.Client has received poor service from another payroll provider

3.Change in personnel new administrator wants options

5.Center of influence recommends looking at alternatives

6.Client doesnt want to be boxed into products without local service

7.Its a start-up business needing payroll for first time

From first to last, ConnectPay has you covered where the others left you lacking. Whether youre looking to expand quickly or find your specialty niche in the market, we can be the guide to help you on your small business journey.

So happy to have made the switch from Paychex.

I now have great customer service, someone always answers the phone and answers my questions quickly. The service is smooth, seamless and very user friendly!

Im very pleased we switched to your Connect-Comp program. Not only is my client service rep responsive, Im saving a lot of money on Workers Comp insurance.

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