The housing, banking and auto industries are surging back to health and that has helped push themarket to a five-year peak. Higher prices for homes and stocks tend to make people feel wealthier and spend more.

Yetunemploymentremains high and hiring modest. The end of a Social Security tax cut is shrinking already flat pay. Federal budget fights have put businesses and consumers on edge.

Balanced between those tailwinds and headwinds, the economy is struggling to accelerate. By the end of this year, though, many analysts think the tailwinds will succeed in boosting growth and fueling a more robust economy in 2014.

There is some underlying momentum, says Paul Edelstein, U.S.economistat IHS Global Insight. Its not as strong as we would like, but its there and its building.

The nation has finally worked off the excesses of the housing bubble.

Home pricesrose 7.4 percent in the 12 months that ended in November, according to CoreLogic. It was the largest 12-month gain in six years.

Housing starts will reach 970,000 this year, according to Patrick Newport, an economist at IHS, a 24 percent jump from 2012.

Construction companieswill add 140,000 jobs this year, Newport forecasts, up from a scant 18,000 last year.

Struggling consumers put off car purchases for years. Sales reached a 5-year high of 14.5 million last year. Analysts expect sales to reach 15.5 million this year.More

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