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Recently published articles from Economic Analysis and Policy.

Do income distribution and socio-economic inequality affect ICT affordability? Evidence from Australian household panel data

Mohammad Afshar Ali Khorshed Alam Brad Taylor Shuddha Rafiq

Financial constraints of firms and bank characteristics

Assessment of TFP change at provincial level in Vietnam: New evidence using FärePrimont productivity index

A modified Currency Demand Function and the Malaysian shadow economy: Evidence from ARDL bounds testing approach

Awadh Ahmed Mohammed Gamal Norimah Rambeli Norasibah Abdul Jalil K. Kuperan Viswanathan

Selection bias and moral hazard in the Australian private health insurance market: Evidence from the Queensland skin cancer database

Adoption and effects of modern rice varieties in Vietnam: Micro-econometric analysis of household surveys

Microcredit participation and child schooling in rural Bangladesh: Evidence from a cross-sectional survey

Mohammad Monzur Morshed Bhuiya Rasheda Khanam Mohammad Mafizur Rahman Son Nghiem

Implementing hedonic pricing models for valuing the visual impact of wind farms in Greece

Konstantinos Skenteris Sevastianos Mirasgedis Christos Tourkolias

The importance of personality characteristics and behavioral constraints for retirement saving

The impact of foreign ownership on return volatility, volume, and stock risks: Evidence from ASEAN countries

Ahmad Maulin Naufa I Wayan Nuka Lantara Wee-Yeap Lau

Efficient integration of climate and energy policy in Australias National Electricity Market

Tim Nelson Owen Pascoe Prabpreet Calais Lily Mitchell Judith McNeill

Performance impacts of structure and volition in implementing policy through it-enabled government-to-citizen and government-to-employee interactions

James S. Denford Gregory S. Dawson Kevin C. Desouza

US monetary policy, oil and gold prices: Which has a greater impact on BRICS stock markets?

Measuring e-commerce adoption behaviour among gen-Z in Jakarta, Indonesia

Road traffic forecasting A hybrid approach combining Artificial Neural Network with Singular Spectrum Analysis

Stylianos Kolidakis George Botzoris Vassilios Profillidis Panagiotis Lemonakis

Ten years of research  What have we learnt since the financial crisis?

Adaptation to climate change in Afghanistan: Evidence on the impact of external interventions

Fiscal policy in extraordinary times: A perspective from Australias experience in the global recession

House prices post-GFC: More household debt for longer

Political economy of voluntary approaches: A lesson from environmental policies in Japan

Toshi H. Arimura Shinji Kaneko Shunsuke Managi Takayoshi Shinkuma Masashi Yamamoto Yuichiro Yoshida

Fiscal governance after the financial crisis: A review

Australias ice crisis and the detrimental mental health effects of recent use

Halkos E. George Papageorgiou J. George Halkos G. Emmanuel Papageorgiou G. John

Lessons for macroeconomic policy from the Global Financial Crisis

Foreign aid and growth nexus: Empirical evidence from India and Sri Lanka

Narayan Sethi Padmaja Bhujabal Aurolipsa Das Sanhita Sucharita

A way forward: The future of Irish and European union financial regulation

Rishi Ahuja Sean Barrett Shaen Corbet Charles Larkin

Effective energy commodity risk management: Econometric modeling of price volatility

Enhanced penalties for carrying firearms illegally and their effects on crime

The dynamics of the short and long-run effects of public policies supporting renewable energy: A comparative study of installed capacity and electricity generation

Antnio Cardoso Marques Jos Alberto Fuinhas Diogo Santos Pereira

Migration, crop production and non-farm labor diversification in rural Vietnam

Duc Loc Nguyen Ulrike Grote Trung Thanh Nguyen

Asymmetric causality between oil price and stock returns:A sectoral analysis

Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee Seyed Hesam Ghodsi Muris Hadzic

Repurposing government expenditure for enhancing Indigenous well-being in Australia: A scenario analysis for a new paradigm

Kamaljit K. Sangha Rolf Gerritsen Jeremy Russell-Smith

Estimating shadow economy and tax evasion in Romania. A comparison by different estimation approaches

Tax revenue potential and effort: Worldwide estimates using a new dataset

Subsidizing the sun: The impact of state policies on electricity generated from solar photovoltaic

Alexander Joel Ryan Ficawoyi Donou-Adonsou Lindsay Noble Calkins

Simple economic frameworks to evaluate public investments in sporting events in regional Australia

Trade and growth in SACU countries: A panel data analysis

Farai Manwa Albert Wijeweera Michael A. Kortt

Poverty in Europe by gender: The role of education and labour status

Are female CEOs more risk averse than male counterparts? Evidence from Vietnam

Tuyen Thanh Hoang Cuong Viet Nguyen Hoa Thi Van Tran

Gender difference in access to local finance and firm performance: Evidence from a panel survey in Vietnam

Viet T. Tran Trung Thanh Nguyen Nguyet T.M. Tran

Labour quality and benefits reaped from global economic integration: An application of dynamic panel SGMM estimators

Nguyen Van Tran Mohammad Alauddin Quyet Van Tran

Valuing bushfire risk to homeowners: Hedonic property values study in Queensland, Australia

Wasantha Athukorala Wade Martin Clevo Wilson Darshana Rajapaksa

Explaining corporate effective tax rates: Evidence from Greece

Ioannis Stamatopoulos Stamatina Hadjidema Konstantinos Eleftheriou

R&D activities and FDI in Chinas iron ore mining industry

Potential economic impacts of global wild catch fishery decline in Southeast Asia and South America

Value-at-risk methodologies for effective energy portfolio risk management

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