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Business journalismis the part ofjournalismthat tracks, records, analyzes and interprets thebusinesseconomicandfinancialactivities and changes that take place in societies. Topics widely cover the entire purview of allrelated to the economy.

This area of journalism provides news and featurearticlesabout people, places and issues related to thebusiness sector. Mostquantifynewspapers, magazines, radio, and television-news shows include a business segment. Detailed and in-depth business journalism may appear in publications, radio, and television channels dedicated specifically to business and financial journalism.

Business journalism began as early as theMiddle Ages, to help well-known trading families communicate with each other.1

Around 1700,Daniel Defoe–best known for his novels especiallyRobinson Crusoe– began publishing business and economic news.2In 1882Charles DowEdward Jonesand Charles Bergstresser began a wire service that delivered news to investment houses along Wall Street.1And in 1889,The Wall Street Journalbegan publishing.1While the famous muckraking journalistIda Tarbelldid not consider herself to be a business reporter, her reporting and writing about theStandard Oil 1902 provided the template for how thousands of business journalists have covered companies ever since.3Business coverage gained prominence in the 1990s, with wider investment in thestock market.The Wall Street Journalis one prominent example of business journalism, and is among theUnited States of Americas top newspapers in terms of bothcirculationand respect for thejournalistswhose work appears there.

Journalists who work in this branch are classed as business journalists. Their main task is to gather information about current events as they related to business. They may also cover processes, trends, consequences, and important people, in business and disseminate their work through all types of mass media.

Business journalism, although common in most industrialized countries, has a very limited role inthird-worldanddeveloping countries. This leaves citizens of such countries in a very disadvantaged position locally and internationally.citation neededRecent efforts to bring business media to these countries have proven to be worthwhile.4

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