These pages carry a selection of current affairs news sources available on the Internet for Australia.

YahooAustralia maintain a database of Australian current affairs articles. This is improving all the time Thebusiness section of Yahoonews often contains short articles on the Economy. CheckYahoo! Australia FinanceGreat for shares and Financial markets. provides the best current news coverage of the Australian Economy available anywhere. Teachers will also find the Yahoo Finance section contains useful updates on the Australian Economy, the exchange rate and equities.

AltaVistaAustralia is able to search for news articles and also contains anews directory.

Google Australiaoffers its ownnews directoryand secondly allows users to search both Australian and International news sites. This is an excellent resource.

Business Review Weekly.Here look for the regular comment by Ed Shann and Don Stammer. Teachers will find regular economic updates atThe Business DailyThis is an excellent site for current Business issues from the BRW team and well worth bookmarking. Dont forget Don Stammers article coming soon on the Next Big Thing!

The ABCThe ABC offers a fabulous selection of online videos, audio files, transcripts links and articles from its web site. A must look site for anyone seeking information on current economic issues. (See below)

Australia Investoroffers a current selection of news articles. These often contain articles on the economy however the main focus of their news collection is stocks and shares.

SkyNewsAustralias cable TV news offers a short selection of current news on its web site.

InvestorWebInvestor Web maintains a great selection of current economic comment however users need to register to gain access to it.

its directory atLookSmartProvides some current news.

Public DebateThis site allows users to contribute ther views and carries as well a range of opnions pieces and baclground papers on topical issues relevant to econmic teachers.

Australian This site carries a lot of syndicated news for Australians mainly from the papers. It is a useful source of current articles.

BigPond Business NewsTelstra has cutback its Economic coverage and now only offers a basic business news service.

The BulletinMany of the articles in the Bulletin may be read online for free. These are often useful for students seeking different points of view on current economic issues.

Australian policy onlineAustralian Policy Online (APO) is a gateway to Australian Social and Political Research. With nearly 100 member centres and institutes, APO offers fast access to much of the best Australian research available online. The site provides comment and opinions on current issues that are not well covered in the Mass Media. Some of the material is to difficult for secondary students but some is not.

On Line Opinion – Australias e-journal of social and political opnionThis site has a section devoted toEconomics!members of the public write in and express their opinions on current and other issues. This material can be very useful for teachers who wish to encourage debate in their classrooms. To the best of my knowledge all the articles on this site are edited and hence safe for students to use. There are some very provocative arguments here that will hopefully stimulate reflection in students.

PublicDebate Australia home pageA similar site to online opinion where registered users can set up online forums for debating topics of their choice. Students who need ideas for essays may find some of this material useful. Some of the topics covered in debates are Is currency speculation immoral? Is globalisation beneficial? These debates appear to be moderated and hence I did not see any foul language or links to unsavoury sites. It is best to check sections however before you use them with students.

InfoPleaseAn American educational site that provides historical and other reference information on historical and other matters for students and teachers. Often a useful source of background information on topical issues.

Facts.comThis web site offers background information on current issues. In the past it was free however now the service requires a subscription. Very useful for new issues where little is available on the history and background of them.

News Hour Extra from PBSin the US offers articles and a wide range of current resources for students and teachers. The focus is on the US however occaisonally the material is relecant to Australia.

Centre for Economic Research at ANUThis centre makes available its discusion and working papers online. Usually these papers are by significant Australian Economists on current issues. Too difficult for students but many teachers will find these interesting. The papers published by the Centre frequently foreshadow debates and issues in Australian Economics.

The AgeHere students should watch for article by Tim Colebatch and Ken Davidson.

The Sydney Morning Herald. This paper carries a lot of economic material and in particular students should watch out for the articles by Ross Gittens. These contain a lot of comment relaxant to most parts of the course.

The Australian Financial Reviewwatch for articles by Ian Mitchell and watch for the Fin on Saturdays which contains a weekly economic round up. This is a very useful source for current statistics and comment for all economy watchers. Students can also buy material atFairFax NewsStore

ABC News UpdatesThis service is updated regularly. Students who are not native English speakers may also find the transcripts for theABC TVs Behind The Newshelpful. TryNewsRadio Students should also not transcripts of Radio National Lateline and many other ABC programs are available online. Popular ABC radio programs that contain excellent Economic Commentary such asAM and PMare available online. The ABC alos maintains and excellent current news service on theAsia Pacific Regionand transcripts fromLatelineand7-30 Reportas well as Inside Business and Four Corners also available for teachers.

Money – ninemsnplusThe Small Business SiteChannel Nine Show offers good factsheetsninemsnLinks Nine Money and Live Newswire. It also carries extensive Current Affairs coverage. An excellent site.Business Sunday Onlineoffers lot of text based material from the show.

This is the daily online news service of news corporation. It provides access to the Sun Herald and other News papers

AAP- Australian Associated Press. This site charges for its access to its articles.

TV and Radio in detail.This page carries links to many TV and radio programs which provide transcripts, video and often audio files online.

The ABCThe ABC offers arguably the best current economic affairs reportage for teachers andSky News Australiais improving its educational offerings.

A Collection of links for people interested in rural and regional economic news

Here for a more extensive collection of regional links

The Queensland IndependentMonthly Magazine from Queensland Universitys Department of journalism.

FarmOnlineoffers links to a selection of Australian and NZ papers and magazines.

Australia Daily Chinese Language NewsIn Chinese

Indigenous NewsGreat site for material on mining and other economic issues.

Rural PressOffers links to a collection of rural papers focusing on rural issues.

The following links contain alternative perspectives on the news. In the passage of time this section will be expanded so it is more representative of economic debates

Anarchist Age Weekly ReviewRadical diatribe on globalisation and other issues. Often contains links to other protest sites that many students may find interesting.

Socialist Equality Party (Australia)The Australian section of the fourth international. The site contains much Marxist Commentary on a wide range of current issues.

Workers World onlineThe World Workers Socialist parties radical online magazine. A non orthodox if incendiary slamt on current affairs.

John Quiggins Home pageThis page carries many of Professor Quiggins anewspaper and journal articles and offers excellent reading for teachers on a wide range of issues.Worth a visit.

Journal of Australian Political EconomyOffers selected articles on issues in Australian economics available for download in pdf format.

Equal Pay Watch AustraliaThis site offers news clipping and reports on cases and disputes in equal pay. The material on this site has not been updated for many years, however I have left it here in the hope that Equal paywatch may make a comeback.

Xenox News :: Australias Only Fair Dinkum Ne…A radical mag with some unsavoury material. Useful for teachers but use with care with students. Xenox News is a free for all forum in the spirit of USENET and all other systems on the internet that allow for broad discussion, alternative views, humour, truth, satire etc.

AlterNet:US alternative media site that is a project of the Independent Media Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent and alternative journalism. AlterNets online magazine provides a mix of news, opinion and investigative journalism on subjects ranging from the environment, the drug war, technology and cultural trends to policy debate, sexual politics and health issues.

Green Left WeeklyOnline Magazine of the Socialist youth movement in Australia. The site offers critical comment from a socialist point of view on current issues.

Active – stuff for social changeAn activists calender site documenting what is on and where. This site also offers a good selection of alternative articles on current events.

The Drawing Board: An Australian Review of Pu…Left leaning academic online magazine that provides current comment on a range of contemporay social and political issues. Teachers will find many of these articles interesting however many are too complex for most students.

The journalism and films of John PilgerThis site offers commentary and support materials for the documentaries of John Pilger. Many topical economic issues are covered here, including Globalization and Privatization among others.

Friends of the Earth: InternationalEnvironmental political group whose web site often carries critiques inspired by Green Economics.

LaborNetGateway to the Labor movement online. This site offers links to many resources that teachers will find useful.Site dealing with issues surrounding outworkers and borNET: Campaigns: Issue emailprivacy

Job Watch Home PageEmployment rights for young people.

BossWatchLabour web site that documents, reports and analyses Boss horrors.

Victorian Trades Hall CouncilDetails of Victorian Labour issues. A special section on youth labour issues relevant to young people in the employ of MC Donalds et al. It also carries useful sections on the history of the labour movement in Australia and material on THC campaigns.

LabourStart: Where trade unionists start thei…Global labour site that covers workers issues from all over the world. The site carries articles on a wide range of issues inlcuding, strikes, expoitation, child labour and some technolgy issues.It also carriesa current section on labour issues in Australia.

NTEU – Australias Union For Tertiary Education…

CRCChifley Research Centre Labor Party think tank.

Australian Humanities ReviewAcademic journal that comments on many socio political and economic issues from a critical perspective.

TAI Home PageThe Australia Institute is concerned about the impact on Australian society of the priority given to a narrow definition of economic efficiency over community, environmental and ethical considerations in public and private decision making. A better balance is urgently needed. Some online articles may prove of interest to teachers.

The Brisbane InstituteAn ideas marketplace that offers generally labour leaning commentary on a range of current issues. Many of teh articles here could be read profitably by some students.

D!SSENT Main PageSubscription based magazine that offers plain language critiques of small government economic theory.

Australian Book ReviewOffers a free selection of articles from the current issue. Many of these provide and in deoth look at controversial current issues in Australian Economics and politics.

The Drawing Board: An Australian Review of Public PolicyThe Drawing Board is published by the School of Economics and Political Science in the Faculty of Economics and Business, at Sydney University. It contains a many articles on Australian public policy and many will prove of interest to teachers. Some but not all are suitable for some students.

The Official Paul Keatingweb site this site conatins media releases and recent speeches by the former Prime Minister,many of these relate to current economic issues.

The Swinburne Insitute for Social ResearchThis site offers a selection of articles by academics at the insitute on state and National social and economic affairs. The insitute specialises in public policies issues and often contains critical comments on budget estimates.

The Hawke CentreThe Hawke centre offers a range of stimulating and interesting papers on current issues by the centres researchers and others. Probably too obtruse for students but teachers will find some of the research relevant to current issues.

The Whitlam InstituteA website devoted to the life and times of Gough Whitlam and the Whitlam insitute. Often contains accesible articles on current issues .

Young Labor Websiteoutlines the policies and attitudes of young party supporters.

Emilys Listwebsite provides news and support for women. Their newsletter may be downloaded and affirmative action updates are available on the site.

The Womens Electoral Lobby Australiaconatins updates on many issues from a womens point of view.

Australian Fabian SocietyOffers. links and conference papers from the society.

Offers current reports, media releases and publications on current trends in liberal thinking and current policy issues.

The Center for Independent StudiesArticles from some issues of policy their magazine are available online, many discussion papers on topical issues can also be downloaded inlcuding articles on labour market policy by Peter Saunders. Contains an excellent set of links to pro market web sites.

Australian Libertarian SocietyOffers current comment on libertarian issues on occaison these relate to topics in secondary economics.

Pacific Research Insitute AmericanFree Market Think Tank that offers papers and publication from a hard market perspective on a range of pacific policy issues.

Mannkal Economic Education Foundationprovides conservative arguments in favour of market based economics, globalisation and free enterprise.

Insitute for Private EnterpriseAustralia. The site offers the opinions and analyses of well known economist Des Moore.

The Insitute of Public AffairsThe insitutes magazine, discussion papers and various media releases and fact sheets are availbale online. The Insitutes perspective is liberal (with a small l) in outlook, market-oriented in its approach and seeks to promote general interests rather than sectional ones.

Hemry Thornton.comThis site offers contributions from a wide and prestigious range of contributors on economics and other matters. The site is named after Henry Thornton a prominent member of the Clapham sect who produced a prescient report into Money and Credit at the time. This site offers plain language economic arguments on current issues that many students may find stimulating and worthwhile. Useful for debates and reflection in the classroom.

Free MarketNet gateway to web sites advocating a free market economics from the states.

The Economics Faculty at ANUHere you can link to working papers andAgenda

an academic journal on current social political issues in Australia.National Economics and BusinessInsitute at ANU

News Weekly – Australian economic, social, po…This is the National journal of the National Civic association. This magazine often carries excellent articles on Australian economic issues ranging from population policy to Globalisation. Frequently these are written by experts in the field and well worth looking out for.

Bob Brownings HomepageThis site offers a conservative view on Current Affairs.

The National Council of Churches in AustraliaOften offers comment on current issues from a religious perspective.

National OutlookChristian magazine which carries reports on current issues from a christian perspective. Usually the site carries a lot of religious news however there occaisonally appear articles on current economic issues that may appeal to some students.

Christian Science Monitor OnlineUS Reigious based newspaper frequently carries good commentary on current economic policy.

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council – …Offers the opinions of Church leaders on a wide range of current issues.

Eureka Street – A Magazine of Public Affairs,…Eureka Street is recognised as the leading monthly magazine of ideas in Australia, and is renowned for its eloquence, clarity and humour. It is published by Jesuit publications. This site states the position of religious leaders on many current economic issues in Australia.

Brookes NewsFanatical Free Market News Service which reports on Australian and internaional issues from a free market perspective. many of the articles on this site are very colourful and polemical. Most teachers would prefer to select the articles they use from this source rather than simply allowing students to browse.

Samuel Griffith Societyaims to prevent te centralisation of power in Canberra and defend the existing consitution.

New Australian newsCritical Commenatry on Current Affairs. Some it worthwhile but from a fairly right wing point of view. The statistics section contains some provocative statistics that will spark debate in class.

National Farmers Federationnational body of Australian farmers. Their press releases, commodty review and other publications carry a heap of useful material for teachers.

Offers curent views on policy and other matters of interest to rural Australians as well as links to the personal web sites of National MPs.

The Menzies Research Centreas an organisation to undertake research into policy issues which will enhance the principles of liberty, free speech, competitive enterprise, limited government and democracy. The Centre publishes the policy monographs, the MRC News and the Policy Digest as well as having an extensive research and lecture program.

HR Nicholls SocietyThink tank devoted to freeing up the labour market. Press releases and submissions of the society to the Government and public are available online.

Business Council of Australia Web PageThe general section of this website offers the BCAs media releases and statements of policy positions. Teachers should download their quarterly journal that outlines BCA position on current issues. For example, population, education and the budget. many of these articles are short and make useful classroom resources.

Australian Business Home PageThis site carries a great deal of material relevant to teachers. Regular economic updates by Geoff schubert their economist are available online as well as comment on topical and current economic issues. These range from internationla trade, through Government policy to new workers compensation laws. The site often carries plain language articles for employers on how to protect themselves againt crime and many other interesting topics.

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Home PageA great site! The ACCIs survey of Business Expectations and investor confidence is available on lines as well as a wide range of issues papers and media releases on topical issues.

Australian Business FoundationThe Australian Business Foundation is an independent, private sector economic and industry policy think tank. We commission and conduct high quality research on issues that impact on Australias international competitiveness and job generation capability. ABF research papers will be of great interest to teachers and their case studies on occaison make uesful classroom resources.

ChamberNetA gateway to local, state and National Chambers of Commerce online. Excellent site for researching local areas.

Australian Industry GroupThis site offers access to AIH construction and Business Surveys and many economic presentations and speeches. A broad collection of media releases and articles on current economic issues are available at this site.

Australian Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management LimitedThis site is a window on the supply side of the economy and while not directly useful in the classroom, some of the press releases and surveys offer insight into problems faced by producers. For example theft, free e -market purchasing and procedures for assessing the performance of suppliers.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney AustraliaCovers management research in Australia however many of the working papers are directly relevant to economics and the site also offers a wide range of case studies. Some of these are useful for teaching MER in Australia.

Australian Institute of ManagementThis site provides a summary of last years national salary survey for free and articles from its management today magazine online. The site focuses on Australian Managamenet however many topical issues relevant to economics are covered. Management and innovation for example.The site also has an interesting series of interviews with leading managers and book excerpts.

Australasian Insitute of Banking and FinanceThis site specializes in Financial education for industry practitioners. The Insitutes journal however contains a selection of interesting articles on current issues in banking in Australia. Teachers are likley to find these interesting. Many of the presentations sponsored ny the insitute inlcuding those on the economy are available online in the seminars section.

Australian Venture Capital AssociationContains case studies of successful projects and industry news and pro formas for setting up a new business.

AUSTRALIAN BANKERS ASSOCIATIONThe Australian Bankers Association (ABA) is the national organisation of licensed banks in Australia.

Australian Society of CPAs – CPA OnlineCPA online conatins from time to time important medua releases and survey and reports relevant to current economic issues. Teachers may find some of the material on the industry useful when investigating industries in economics.

Ernst & YoungMany of this companies reports are quoted in the media and the site often contains media releases and papers on topics relevant to economics. For example transfer pricing among other things.

National Business Bulletin – Home PageFocuses on Small Business issues and the impact of Government policy on small Businesses. The SB survey is also available online and this can be a useful classroom resource.National Business Bulletin – Small Business Survey

Australian Insitute of Company DirectorsSite contains news for MD however the Insitutes journal sometimes contains useful articles for students.

Blake Dawson Waldron – International LawyersIssue magazines and a lot of material dealing with new legislation as it affects Australian Business The site offers a great collection of financial resources and current information for bank consumers.

Most material provided for a charge however IBIS offers some interesting commentary and forecasts on a wide range of matters. In particular industry and market analysis is available at reasonable rates for customers. Some is useful when teaching markets.

PricewaterhouseCoopers: Australia: HomeFrequently carries topical reports quoted in the press. PWC also allow users to download their magazine which often contains interviews with celebrities who are involved in current economic debates. Access to some economic research is also available on the site.

The Economic Society of AustralinOffers current news about developments in this exciting profession.

Australian Business Economists,The ABE offers a braod selection of papers and speeches by Australian economists on current economic issues.

Australia Asia Insitutefocuses on exploring and researching Australias links with Asia. A range of working papers are available and details of the insitutes activities.

The Trading Room.This site provides extensive press and other commentary on Australian companies and general financial and economic statistics on Australia. The site is searchable. All schools will find it advantageous to take out a subscription. The site works on a pay per view basis and charges are quite reasonable however I would not all students to use the site on their own. In such circumstances charges would mount quickly.

Australian Stock ExchangeThe ASX provides current comment on the All ordinaries and a range of economic information is also accessible from this site.

SFE Sydney Futures ExchangeSite offers currnet news and quotes on futures in Australia.

The Interactive Currency TableProvides a complete listing of the A$ against all other currencies can be found below. Select the currency table of your choice

BankchoiceCompares Current Interest rates and loans etc..

SIRCA – Securities Industry Research Centre o…This site offers news and access to current financial research on securities and related matters.

Australian Financial Markets AssociationContains access to a lot of current ,arket data and comment on the Finance Industries in Australia.Publishes an interesting Market Summary

The Finance and Treasury AssociationGlobal supersite that carries current data on commodities and interest rates etc.

E Trade AustraliaOffers some current information on this industry.

These sites provide critical commentary on the press for those who would like reporting itself questioned

The Australian Press Council On-LineThe Australian Press Council is the self-regulatory body of the print media. It was established in 1976 with two main aims: to help preserve the traditional freedom of the press within Australia and ensure that the free press acts responsibly and ethically. The councils site contains current material on some topical cases and possesses a section on case studies of complaints to the press. Occaisonally some issues of economic reporting may be tracked here.

Guide to Internet Information Sources for Australian Journalists.This is arguable one of the most useful web sites for business tecahers available and offers an excellent collection of resources for teachers and students.

Facts and Reference: Best Source for Facts on.the NetInternational online encyclopedia useful sections on a staggering range of topics.

International Federation of JournalistsCarries critical articles son the media and background facts on current issues. An excellent directory of resources available.

FACSNETA site that provides information to US journalists on how to cover contemporay business stories in the states.

Signposts to Asia & the PacificIndependent Journalisam site that offers a range of position papers on topical issues. These inlcude infrastructure funding in Australia as well the impact of ICT on journalistic practice.

The National Press Club – CanberraA few transcripts and articles available but useful if you wish to know who is speaking.

Australian Centre for Independent JournalismCarries articles and comment on the media and topical issues from a socially critical point of view. See their magazineReportage

World Press Review – About UsCritical reviews of global coverage on topical issues.

MediaNetThe Business portal for News Coporation Australia. It carries interesting comments on how the new technologies may e applied in the future etc.

Academy of Social ScienceThe Academies newsletter often contains topical articles by distinguished Australians.