If your small business has a team of employees, thenyou need a payroll serviceto manage all of those payments and details. A good small business payroll service should automatically calculate how much pay each employee earns during every pay period, then process those payments and calculate taxes and reports to help you keep your financial records in order.

If youre looking for a new payroll service, here are a few options that are great for small businesses.

Perhaps the biggest name in payroll solutions,Intuitoffers a few different plans for different types and sizes of businesses. Theres a basic option for the smallest businesses, one that includes tax information and a more robust HR solution. The basic plan starts at just $16 per month. You can also integrate your chosen platform with QuickBooks to easily manage your finances automatically.

With a few different plans to choose from,Paychexoffers a basic and affordable option for small businesses called Paychex Flex, built for teams of up to 49. The cloud-based system also offers mobile functionality and employee self-service options. You can also choose to access more advanced options like benefits management and 401(k) contributions.

A basic payroll calculating service,OnPaylets businesses create payroll checks and access reports based on those payments. The system can also automatically calculate and submit tax payments to the proper tax agencies. The service runs for a $36 monthly fee, plus $4 per person per month.

Alongside its accounting software,Xerooffers a payroll service that lets businesses calculate payments, manage employee hours, approve time off and set up direct deposits or cut checks. This solution is made to run seamlessly with other Xero programs, and can also easily integrate with other business management platforms.

Gustois a cloud-based payroll solution with options for employees and contractors. It also calculates taxes automatically, generates reports and integrates with a variety of accounting and HR solutions. The monthly cost for the most basic option starts at $45 per month.

Part ofSagesfull business management solution, the companys payroll service includes a few different options. You can start out with Sage Essentials to manage ten employees or less. And you can work your way up to Sage Payroll Full Service, where a professional actually manages your payroll for you.

Built for businesses with anywhere between 5 and 5,000 employees,Insperityis built to scale with your business. The solution can help you easily onboard new hires and manage payments and benefits. It also features a self-service portal to help team members manage their own details.

This online payroll platform allows businesses to manage payroll, employee attendance, benefits and more.Paycoralso includes a mobile platform and alerts to notify you if there are any expenses that seem out of the ordinary.

Built to integrate with the Square POS and payments system,Square Payrollis built specifically for businesses with hourly employees. It lets team members sign in and out on a register. Then it manages payments, taxes and even direct deposits. The employee payroll platform starts at $34 per month, or $5 per month if youre only working with contractors.

Jumpstart:HRis a more fully featured HR management platform that also includes payroll administration. There are a few different specific plans available for businesses of different sizes. The company also provides HR consulting and even background check and other onboarding services.

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Hiring some payroll services will really help your business for you can free up time that is better allocated to other tasks.

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