Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues That Affect Us All

ROME, Nov 14 (IPS) – Pulses are highly nutritious and their consumption is associated with many health benefits. They are rich in proteins and minerals, high in fibre and have a low fat content. Pulses are produced by plants of theLeguminosaefamily. These plants have root nodules that absorb inert nitrogen from soil air and convert it into biologically useful ammonia, a process referred to as biological nitrogen fixation. Consequently, the pulse crops do not need any additional nitrogen as fertilizer and help reduce the requirement of fossil fuel-based chemical nitrogen fertilization for other crops. Expansion of pulse production, therefore, can play a vital role in mitigating the effects of climate change.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 14 (IPS) – While women find it hard to talk about their painful experiences, some have found a way of expressing themselves through art. Women, trained as artists, from Nairobis informal settlements Kibera and Kangemi, have produced a beautiful quilt that tells stories about their daily challenges.

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 14 (IPS) – When UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made a global appeal for zero hunger on World Food Day last month, he provided some grim statistics rich in irony: more than 820 million people do not have enough to eat, he said, while two billion people are overweight or obese.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 14 (IPS) – Every day in developing countries it is estimated that 20,000 girls under the age of 18 give birth. This amounts to 7.3 million births a year.

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 14 (IPS) – Next year the United Nations will commemorate its 75th anniversary. The General Assembly determined that all the UNs activities in 2020 shall be guided by the theme The future we want, the United Nations we need: reaffirming our collective commitment to multilateralism.

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 14 (IPS) -The United Nations faces renewed criticism over its partnership with Saudi Arabias Misk Foundation amid revelations that the charity is headed by the mastermind of a recent Twitter spying operation.

EL CNDOR, Argentina, Nov 14 (IPS) – In Argentinas Puna region, at 4,000 metres above sea level, the color green is rare in the arid landscape, which is dominated by different shades of brown and yellow. In this inhospitable environment, daily life has improved thanks to a system of piping water downhill from rock glaciers to local communities.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 13 (IPS) – Governments across the world must ban all state-implemented harmful practices against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) community delegates at the ICPD25 tells IPS.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 13 (IPS) – The Japan Parliamentary Federation for Population represented by Mr Teruhiko Mashiko and its secretariat, the Asian Population and Development Association (APDA) has made a clear and concrete commitment to endorse the ICPD25 agenda. Mashiko tells IPS that Japan, as should every country driven by the well-being of its population, should create the best possible conditions to achieve the ICPD25 agenda.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 13 (IPS) – One in five women globally lives with a disability even as they have same needs and interests as women without disabilities, their access to sexual and reproductive health services and rights remains severely limited.

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