While total gambling spending in Australia decreased during 2016-17, sports betting increased by 15.3%, from A$921 million to A$1.062 billion.

Place your bets: will banning illegal offshore sites really help kick our gamblinghabit?

The Conversations Deputy Health Editor, Phoebe Roth, and Assistant Editor: Technology, Noor Gillani, agree this is the must-have read of 2019.

The Conversation Yearbook 2019: celebrate with us and grab your discountedcopy

Firefighters conduct property protection as a bushfire approaches homes at Woodford NSW, Friday, November 8, 2019. Calls for more controlled burning are common after a major bushfire.

A surprising answer to a hot question: controlled burns often fail to slow abushfire

Trent Penman,University of Melbourne;Kate Parkins,University of Melbourne, andSarah McColl-Gausden,University of Melbourne

Silas Laycock,University of Massachusetts Lowell

The devastating bushfires are intensifying the pressure on a government already increasingly on the back foot over climate.

Grattan on Friday: When the firies call him out on climate change, Scott Morrison shouldlisten

They need to have it to fit in, but social media is probably doing teens more harm than good.

Is social media damaging to children and teens? We asked fiveexperts

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the frontrunner in Sri Lankas presidential election, faces a lawsuit in the US for alleged extrajudicial killing and torture.

Sri Lanka election: will the country see a return to strongmanpolitics?

In ancient China, India and the Middle East, the art of eyebrow threading was popular. It is now enjoying a resurgence.

Friday essay: shaved, shaped and slit – eyebrows through theages

Schoolies is a rite of passage for many Australian teenagers as they finish their exams and leave school. But are you prepared?

Is your teen off to schoolies? Heres what to say instead of freakingout

One nine-year-old chose his local supermarket as a place he valued because he could spend time with mum and help decide what goes in our trolley.

Public places through kids eyes  what do theyvalue?

Fran Gale,Western Sydney UniversityandMichel Edenborough,Western Sydney University

The script for Exit Strategies was developed by performer Mish Grigor during an artists residency in the UK, against the backdrop of Brexit.

Stop the world, I want to get off! In Exit Strategies, one woman leaves and leavesagain

A new show by indie performer Mish Grigor, with Aphids Theatre, explores all the exit opportunities that are available to us – and some doors that are better left closed.

Nuclear power will likely remain part of the global energy mix.

Australia must engage with nuclear research or fall farbehind

Recent debates about the future of nuclear power in Australia make much of the potential of the next generation of reactors.

Education minister Dan Tehan has been making funding announcement gradually, increasing uncertainty for researchers.

Research funding announcements have become a political tool, creating crippling uncertainty foracademics

Decisions about research funding — and how those decisions are announced — should not be political and should follow a set schedule.

In many countries including America, computer models are being used to predict how a fire will burn.

Virtual tools, real fires: how holograms and other tech could help outsmartbushfires

The convergence of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence and virtual reality may offer hope for the way we manage future bushfire disasters.

As bushfires continue to burn across NSW and Queensland, the Prime Minister and Opposition leader have said policy arguments should be avoided until the immediate crisis has passed, but many disagree.

Politics with Michelle Grattan: Minister David Littleproud on bushfires, drought, and theNationals

Minister David Littleproud on bushfires, drought, and the Nationals.

In this podcast, David Littleproud says as elected officials, weve got a responsibility to wait for the right time to talk about the link between climate change and the ongoing bushfires.

Australian roads are straight, as has been the trajectory of our economic policy for more than 30 years.

Vital Signs. Might straight down the middle be the source of our economicsuccess?

Australias secret weapon has been faith in market outcomes combined with a strong social safety set.

Your twitching eye is more likely to be due to staring at a screen for too long rather than some serious illness.

If Dr Googles making you sick with worry, thereshelp

Jill Newby,UNSWandEoin McElroy,University of Leicester

If Googling your health symptoms is taking over youre day-to-day life and is distressing you, here are some ways to get help.

The Adelaide Desalination Plant will be cranked up to full capacity to free up 100 gigalitres of water from the River Murray for use by farmers.

Up the creek: the $85 million plan to desalinate water for droughtrelief

The Australian government is effectively spending A$95 million so it can sell water to farmers for A$10 million.

We knew people with Parkinsons disease were at heightened risk of developing addictive behaviours like gambling. Our research gives insight into why this is.

Why do many people with Parkinsons disease develop an addiction? We built a virtual casino to findout

Philip Mosley,QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

About one in six people who take the most common medication for Parkinsons disease will develop addictive behaviours. We found whether this happens depends on a persons unique brain structure.

The work of a first-rate critic can be as important to our appreciation and understanding of a work of art (or performance) as the immediate experience itself.

Alison Croggon and the arts critic as an endangeredspecies

Arts criticism in Australia is under threat, writes Melbourne-based novelist, poet and theatre critic Alison Croggon. One solution may be state subsidy of arts criticism.

There are no guarantees in bushfires, but you can improve the odds your house survives a blaze.

Photo by Edward Doody, courtesy of Arkin Tilt Architects

12 simple ways you can reduce bushfire risk to olderhomes

Houses built more than 20 years ago are likely to be more vulnerable to bushfires than newer builds. But there are some simple and inexpensive ways to reduce your risk.

Residents evacuate themselves and their animals to a park in Old Bar, NSW, Saturday, November 9, 2019.

During an emergency its vital you know what your animals need, where you can take them and what your local rules are. Fortunately, there are plans in place and guidelines to help.

Music played through headphones can immerse the listener in a more intimate experience.

Sonic havens: how we use music to make ourselves feel athome

Michael James Walsh,University of CanberraandEduardo de la Fuente,University of Wollongong

The music we choose to listen to not only allows us to retreat into a place of peace and privacy, but also helps frame our daily routines and interactions with others.

A scene from the Books of the Dead (based at the Egyptian Museum) shows the ibis-headed god Thoth recording the result of the final judgement.

Holy bin chickens: ancient Egyptians tamed wild ibis forsacrifice

Sally Wasef,Griffith UniversityandDavid Lambert,Griffith University

An estimated 1.75 million ibises were deposited at a single location in ancient Egypt. But the birds disappeared entirely from the region around 1850, and no one knows why.

Sexbot Emma, from AI Tech, is advertised as a real AI you can talk to. She offers warm hugs and will feel your feelings.

Robots with benefits: how sexbots are marketed ascompanions

Sexbot advertising promises more than just sex toys. It is also trying to sell us a soulmate or trusted friend.

ABC once viewed sports coverage as integral to its mission of nation-building. But in recent years, it has grown far more ambivalent about sports.

to national shame: the ABCs complex role as sportsbroadcaster

Michael Ward,University of SydneyandFiona R Martin,University of Sydney

ABCs decision to ax its radio coverage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been labeled a complete shame. But from a financial viewpoint, the broadcaster had few other options.

Up to 45% of children can experience depression after a natural disaster.

Bushfires can make kids scared and anxious: here are 5 steps to help themcope

Most kids bounce back quickly after a disaster and there are several strategies you can use to help.

Smoke haze from the bushfires in NSW drifted over Sydney on November 12.

How does poor air quality from bushfire smoke affect ourhealth?

Smoke from the bushfires has impacted air quality in affected and surrounding areas. To minimise any health risks, people with pre-existing medical conditions should take extra care.

Left, farmer Ian Turnbull being who was convicted of murdering compliance officer Glen Turner. Right, Mr Turners partner Alison McKenzie outside court. Tensions over land clearing can have tragic consequences.

Farmers, murder and the media: getting to the bottom of the

Politicians and the media often stoke tensions between the city and the country. Nowhere is this more common than on the issue of land clearing – and the consequences can be tragic.

The High Court has referred George Pells application for special leave to the courts full bench.

What did the High Court decide in the Pell case? And what happensnow?

Ben Mathews,Queensland University of Technology

The High Court has referred Cardinal George Pells application for special leave to appeal his convictions to the full bench of the High Court.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison inspecting a burnt-out property in the Gold Coast hinterland in September 2019. Mr Morrison has offered thoughts and prayers to those affected by the fires.

Mr Morrison, I lost my home to bushfire. Your thoughts and prayers are notenough

Fire officials warn that this weeks catastrophic fire conditions are where people die. Climate change has arrived, and politicians should drop the meaningless rhetoric.

Multiple large, intense fires are stretching from Australias coast to the tablelands and parts of the interior.

Drought and climate change were the kindling, and now the east coast isablaze

Ross Bradstock,University of WollongongandRachael Helene Nolan,Western Sydney University

They escaped to the coast for the quiet life, but now sea-changers are in the path of monster fires.

Top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine William Taylor, left, and Foreign Service officer George Kent are sworn in before the House Intelligence Committee during the first public impeachment hearing.

Impeachment: Two quotes that defined the first day of publichearings

Kirsten Carlson,Wayne State UniversityandChris Edelson,American University School of Public Affairs

The first day of public impeachment testimony was defined, in part, by strongly worded statements from Representatives Adam Schiff and Devin Nunes.

The popularity of semiautomatic rifles increases the risk that mass shootings result in multiple deaths.

may finally decide its in their interest to help reduce gun violence after Sandy Hookruling

The Supreme Courts refusal to block the Sandy Hook lawsuit may lead to a flood of litigation, which ultimately may compel the gun industry to change the way it designs, markets and sells firearms.

Fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut, are all popular sources of probiotics.

Kombucha, kimchi and yogurt: how fermented foods could be harmful to yourhealth

While the probiotics found in fermented foods might have health benefits for most, these foods could cause serious harm to the health of others.

Ukrainians dont agree on how their president should have handled Trumps request.

What Ukrainians think about Trump and his quid pro quo in 3charts

Erik C. Nisbet,The Ohio State UniversityandOlga Kamenchuk,The Ohio State University

Trumps attempt to co-opt Ukraines precarious position with Russia worsens existing divides inside Ukraine and weakens US influence abroad.

Demonstrators clash with a police water cannon during a recent anti-government protest in Santiago, Chile. Several South American countries have been experiencing massive social unrest in recent months.

Whats going on in South America? Understanding the wave ofprotests

Lenin Cavalcanti Guerra,University of Saskatchewan

In the last century, several South American countries faced coups, military dictatorships and social uprisings. Despite economic improvements in recent years, the continent remains mired in unrest.

In Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy must tread carefully or may end up facing another Maidanuprising

Stefan Wolff,University of BirminghamandTatyana Malyarenko,National University Odesa Law Academy

A complex mix of domestic and foreign issues is putting pressure on the new government of Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attends a news conference in Ottawa shortly after the 2019 federal election. In a minority situation, Trudeau will now have to listen and adhere to different perspectives.

Brand versus reality: Trudeaus style of governing must nowchange

Justin Trudeau will have to change his style of governing in the new minority government. Working in a co-operative government with other political parties could diminish executive dominance.

Berlin Wall: how techno music united Germany on the dancefloor

Beate Peter,Manchester Metropolitan University

Young people from both East and West Germany congregated in nightclubs which were hastily thrown up in the spaces where the Wall had dominated.

Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in International Wine Business and Tourism

Data Scientist Humanities And Social Sciences

Film Screening: Alexis Wrights Straight From the HeartUniversity of Melbourne

Sydney Ideas: After the Apology – Sorry means you dont do it againUniversity of Sydney

Data (R)Evolution: consumer welfare and innovation in the digital economyConsumer Policy Research Centre

Paul R Ehrlich: Mass Extinction and CollapseUNSW

Mr Morrison, I lost my home to bushfire. Your thoughts and prayers are notenough

Scientists looked at sea levels 125,000 years in the past. The results areterrifying

Drought and climate change were the kindling, and now the east coast isablaze

Grattan on Friday: When the firies call him out on climate change, Scott Morrison shouldlisten

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