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New Zealand Current Account reflects the net trade balance (the difference between exported and imported goods and services), net income from foreign investments and net transfer payments over the reported month. The indicator is seasonally adjusted. The impact of the indicator on the New Zealand dollar quotes may vary depending on current economic conditions. Most often, its growth is seen as positive for the currency, because foreign residents need to buy New Zealand dollars in order to pay for goods or services.

The chart of the entire available history of the New Zealand Current Account macroeconomic indicator. The dashed line shows the forecast values ​​of the economic indicator for the specified dates.

A significant deviation of a real value from a forecast one may cause a short-term strengthening or weakening of a national currency in the Forex market. The threshold values ​​of the indicators signaling the approach of the critical state of the national (local) economy occupy a special place.

Create your own calendar of economic events. To do this, simply specify its size and display period. You can freely use this widget on your websites. In return, we ask you to keep the provided code unchanged.

The Calendar data are provided as is. The economic news release frequency and schedule, as well as the economic parameters values may change without our knowledge. You can use the provided information, but you accept all the risks associated with making trade decisions based on the Calendar data.