Rise Lite is Canadas leading free cloud-based payroll software. Rise Lite allows organizations to process employee payroll, pay via direct deposit, and deliver electronic pay stubs directly through email at no cost. By using Rise as your payroll provider, we will also manage all of your source deduction remittances for your pay runs.

Electronic Record of Employments (ROEs) submission to Service Canada

Year end, T4 processing and submission to the CRA, with an option to email T4s to employees

Reporting: invoice statement report, payroll register, pay stubs, employee details report, and more

Email support for all payroll issues/troubleshooting/inquiries

There are absolutely no hidden fees for Rise Lite users. Rise Lite is free for organizations with 20 employees or less. If you do grow to over 20 active employees in the future, we will give you advance notice before fees are ever applied to your account.

Banking information is required so that Rise is able to withdraw funds from your account to pay for your payroll and source deduction remittances (e.g., CPP, EI, Income Tax) directly to the CRA on your behalf. This is part of the agreement to our terms and services to have Rise Lite as your payroll provider. Its one of the many features of Rise designed to make life easier for business owners.

By sharing your banking information with Rise, you will be able to pay your employees via direct deposit as opposed to issuing paper cheques. Congrats on going green!

Find everything you need to know about completing your registration in the step-by-stepRise Lite Payroll Registration Guide.

Your Pay Schedule will depend on the length of your pay period. Your Pay Period length is determined by your business pay frequency:Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly.**Please note that our system does not allow pay dates to fall on a weekend or on banking holidays (Saturday, Sunday or Statutory Holidays) and will automatically adjust the pay date to the next closest business day.

Registration time generally depends on the volume of signups for Rise Lite in the given week, however it takes up to5 business dayson average for our Small Business Team to review your account. Once your account has been reviewed the team will send you a welcome email and instructions on how to get started.

If you are paying your employees via direct deposit, you need to approve your payroll by10AM Pacific Time, 5 business days prior to (and not including) the pay date. This will always work out to be one full calendar week before the pay date.

If you pay your employees wages yourself (e.g., via cheque), the 5 business day cut off does not apply. Please approve your payrollno later than the scheduled pay date.

**Note that Rise will still handle your remittances.

Yes, if you have a complete payroll register or employee pay stubs, you can send those to Rise.

Year to date imports may take up to 5 -7 business days and the Small Business Team will give you an update once it is complete.This will not prevent you from processing payroll, it will only affect what your employees see on their pay stub if a pay date passes in that time. You will have the option to send an updated pay stub to the employee after the import has been completed.