Democrats are summoning the DEMON of political violence, and the next phase of their criminal coup will unleash blood in the streets

Its not climate change: Our DISPOSABLE society of plastic trash is killing the natural world, as over 70 gray whales have died on West Coast beaches

Prepare for persecution: The anti-Christian agenda of Americas public schools the premeditated undermining of the faith and morals of our children what we can do to turn the tide

Confused by the language police? Behold the Glossary of Progressive Terminology that will clear it all up for you

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, calls for an end to all independent speech

Democrat-run Virginia legislature to criminalize all CURRENT owners of AR-15s door-to-door gunpoint confiscation coming soon

Why a second American Revolution is necessary for the entire world

The ten most dangerous threats to humanity that must be defeated for us to live as free, conscious beings part one

A scourge of pestilence is brewing in America with the plague of leftism unleashed on Democrat-run cities: suitable soil for the worlds next killer pandemic?

The worst idea ever? Genetically engineered plants will deplete the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, causing a mass die-off of food crops and rainforests

The ACLU sues to make sure unborn babies can be dismembered, piece by piece, in cruel, inhumane abortions

Gruesome photos of dead dolphin highlights the unresolved plastic problem along Britains coastline

California Dems now proposing to allow illegal aliens to hold party offices in the state in direct rebuke of POTUS Trumps enforcement policies

Aging power plants under threat from droughts

The real bombshell of the impeachment hearings

The savvy preppers guide to surviving a long-term power outage

With a wolf in sheep skin at the door, voters have a right to know about the Democrats dark agenda to destroy Christianity

China holding Muslims in concentration camps to sell their organs in massive organ harvesting scheme

Tech giants now MEMORY HOLING facts they want to erase from your consciousness

Charles Hugh Smith: Suppressing dissent guarantees disorder and collapse

Protecting your privacy: 10 Tips to help you disappear without a trace

Impeachment is an ILLEGITIMATE effort to OVERTURN OUR VOTES; Patriots should prepare to defend our republic from tyranny

The FOOLPROOF way to protect real assets from any financial collapse, currency collapse or economic apocalypse

The ten most dangerous threats to humanity that must be defeated for us to live as free, conscious beings part two

Is France reaching a breaking point? Fuel supplies now depleted across western France as the masses rise up against corruption and government waste

The left hates The Salvation Army. Thats all you need to know about the left

More proof that Democrat law enforcement leaders are deliberately releasing child RAPISTS onto the streets to carry out violent crimes against children

5G radiation causes BEHAVIOR changes in humans, causes ion potentiation poisoning of brain cells, leading to mass insanity

VIDEO: America collapses into a pharma state; just like a narco state but run by prescription drug cartels

Now that Trump fully realizes Google is committing organized election fraud, why isnt he doing anything about it?

Angela Merkel demands banning of free speech in order to keep society free descends into the same fascist tyranny characterized by the Third Reich

California passes new legislation that will kill the freelance writing industry

Left-leaning sheriffs are now releasing criminal aliens all across the country is it time to arrest those in law enforcement who refuse to uphold the law?

Is this the LAST Black Friday before America erupts into political and spiritual chaos?

Despite the global chaos, on this Thanksgiving Day we still have many things to be thankful for including YOU

We are losing the nation but we can still save our souls-Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges-The CSS

Decarbonize means DEPOPULATION, because humans are carbon-based organisms AOC, Bernie Sanders are actually promoting extermination of humans

Democrats have drawn the battle lines, and they are more deranged and anti-America than anyone imagined

TOLERANCE: Universities ramping up efforts to exterminate all conservative professors as radical Left runs philosophical PURGE

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