How Women Helped Shape Tunisias Revolution and Democratic Transition

Women, and womens rights, were at the centernot the marginsof Tunisias revolution.

The Layers of History Beneath Algerias Protests

One of the essential tasks of the movement is to reconstitute a richer tapestry of Algerian nationalism than has been permitted since independence.

Reconsidering the Iranian Revolution, Forty Years Later

Today it is hard to imagine the connection between the world that revolutionary impulse envisioned and the actuality it generated in the Islamic Republic.

[N]ew forms of governance in the Gulf work through identity projects that include (and often co-opt) difference to gain legitimacy.Third in a series on ways of governing.

Pushing for a Political Breakthrough: Kurds in Turkey and Palestinians in Israel

These two minority communities have to work within the confines of ethnonationalist states that question their right to participate in the political system.

Perspective: The Lebanese Rise Up Against a Failed System

Protests against a dysfunctional and corrupt political class have erupted nationwide, crossing sectarian divides. A frustrated younger generation, unscarred by the civil war, is in the vanguard.

Books: Emotion and Authoritarian Rule in Syria

Two authors explore the mixture of violence, ideology, fear, and aspiration that the authoritarian regime has relied on to stay in power for several turbulent decades.

An international chronology of events in October, country by country, day by day.