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How to Earn More Bitcoin Using One Powerful Chart

Many cryptocurrency investors remember well the altcoins boom in 2017. The most successful people then enjoyed the growth of their investments portfolio more than 10 times. Not surprisingly, due to the growing interest in the cryptocurrency market this year, many people are buying altcoins again. However, such investments are generally underperforming investment in Bitcoin. The

Pound Rallies as No Deal Is All but Taken off the Table

The Pound enjoyed solid gains this week as parliament tied up Boris Johnsons plans and legally took the pat of no-deal off the table. The recently elected prime minister facing and losing 4 votes in parliament this week. The Pound gaining support as the likelihood of the UK leaving the European Union without a deal.

German Recession Fears Remain despite Upbeat Eurozone Data

The eurozone posted a raft of impressive data this week which included positive services and manufacturing PMI numbers. French and German services posted readings of 53.3 and 54.4 against targets of 52.5 and 54.1, both exceeding their anticipated levels. Despite these fears are growing for Germanys economy which now appears to be on the brink

Pound Reaches 1.10 as Johnson Offers Olive Branch and Meets Macron and Merkel

The pound was propelled further this week as proactive talks were held between UK Prime minister Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. Johnson began his whistle-stop tour in Berlin where he enjoyed a working lunch with Merkel. He then hot-footed his way to Paris to meet with the French President Emmanuel Macron with one

Pound Exchange Rates Driven Lower as UK Economy Shrinks

The UK experienced economic contraction between the months of April and June, the last shrinking taking place in 2012, highlighting concerns that the UK could be sliding into recession. The UKs economic output fell 0.2% in the last quarter raising the fear that the UK could finally be feeling the uncertainty of Brexit. UK economy

Currency Manipulator? Is Trump Right to Accuse China of Being One?

The current trade war escalated further this week with President Trump officially accusing China of being a currency manipulator. In recent weeks talks between the two superpowers have if anything regressed and the latest accusations from the White House will do little to ease the deadlock. The comments were motivated by a significant weakening in

Euro down Hits New Lows as Rates Are Held Steady

The ECB kept its interest rate level steady at 0% this week despite ambition from investors that the European Central Bank would look to kick start the economy again. Mario Draghi did, however, confess that the ECB would strongly consider rate cuts in future meetings but stated that a negative rate cut hadnt been considered

Pound Assisted by Parliament as UK Awaits the Outcome of Tory Leadership Race

The downtrodden Pound had a moment to gather its thoughts and dust itself off this week as it enjoyed decent gains against some majors. Sterling rode the wave of poor Eurozone economic data, a parliamentary reprieve and a successful chain of positive UK economic data. Whilst markets will almost certainly ease off the Pound on

EUR/USD Falls as FED and ECB Are Expected to Cut

Although poor data from the eurozone has punished the single currency recently, rates are currently being more guided by the moves made and measures taken by central banks rather than data as the emphasis on monetary policy becomes more crucial. This week the Euro zones data disappointed once again and increased the possibility of ECB