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Reach, engage, and convert new customers with quality content we develop for you. 1 or more articles every week. High quality. Better results. No worries.

Get your whole team on board. Define your content marketing mission. Document your strategy. Map content to your customer journey. Measure results.

Make your event a success with a speaker who engages audiences with practical insights and real content marketing case studies. Inspiration and actionable tips.

Most of your marketing campaigns arent producing ROI. Your content and campaigns are being ignored

We help you break through the noise. We show you what your customers actually want. We define the topics your audience is interested in. We find the gaps in your competitive space.

consistently creating high-quality content that reaches, engages, and converts your audience. We help you rank for the keywords your audience uses, with content they engage with, so you can show ROI. Guaranteed.

We build the business case, find the budget, define the strategy, map your content gaps to the customer journey, build the content calendar, distribute it in the places your audience engages, and measure ROI.

team meeting or your annual customer conference, Michael Brenner is recognized as a top CMO influencer, and an engaging speaker who brings practical advice, inspiring stories of real success, and actionable tips that will connect with and engage your audience.

your employees with the knowledge, the expertise, and the passion to connect with your target audience. Well benchmark your thought leadership, provide social profile optimization, define the topics your experts have passion about, and create the plan to grow their influence in the markets you serve.

The latest news, trends, and best practices in content marketing

What is the Most Trusted Social Media Platform in B2B?

Marketers spend a good portion of their careers trying to get ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying and adopting the latest marketing trends. In fact, its probably one of the reasons why youre here. But being the trending topic yourselfwhether B2B brand or thought leaderis a challenging feat. How can you break Read Full post…

3 Quick Marketing Tactics B2B Marketers Can Borrow from B2C

B2B marketing has a bad reputation. Marketing materials targeted at businesses are not exactly known for their innovative and exciting ideas. If you think about the first words that pop into your head when you think about B2B marketing, theyre probably corporate, dull, old school, safe, and similar. The fact is that many B2B marketers Read Full post…

Leaders Eat Last But They Tell Stories First!

Simon Sineks book, Leaders Eat Last, is one of the best-selling business books of the last decade. And yet its not what you might expect from a book on leadership. Sineks vision of successful leadership is based on a conversation he had with a Marine General while researching his book. The General explained that in Marine bases Read Full post…

2020 CMO Predictions: Content Overload, Advocacy, Customer Data and Personalization Remain Top Priorities

The new year is rapidly approaching, and marketers are on the hunt for more budget, stronger skillsets and new strategies to bring their ideas to fruition. Here is the 3rd annual CMO Predictions infographic from PAN Communications its designed to assess the industry landscape and give marketers a look at upcoming challenges and trends. Read Full post…

8 Gamification Strategies to Encourage Social Media Advocacy

When implemented appropriately, gamification serves as an important element of a companys strategy to get its employees to engage with corporate social media. Employees who are activated through games and competitions to expand their employers reach and recognition on social media can be huge assets to their employer. After all, the more likes, shares and Read Full post…

How to Create a Marketing Roadmap to Align Your Team

Everyone knows that in order for you content marketing efforts to be as effective as possible, you need to have a plan. But coming up with a plan is only part of the solution. Aligning your team so that everyone is executing on the plan effectively is another part. Planning and executing on your marketing Read Full post…

B2B Content Strategist Brand Editor Digital Marketing Programs @SAP

It is rare to find a marketing executive like Michael who manages to strike an ideal balance of leadership, innovation, and getting his hands dirty creating his own original content.

The Content Marketing Workshop from Michael Brenner was the best day our marketing team has ever spent together.

It is rare to find a marketing executive like Michael who manages to strike an ideal balance of leadership, innovation, and getting his hands dirty creating his own original content.

Michael Brenner is always one of the most highly rated speakers at our events. His sessions are filled with useful information (not theory) and his connection with the audience is immediate probably because he has lived through what marketers go through every day!

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