Youre busy enough running your business, the last thing you want is to learn another skillset that you wont use enough to justify your time, money, and energy learning. Besides, accounting mistakes can cost you much more than any amount saved.

1 Reason Payroll service is here to help and can streamline your pay-as-you-go workers compensation into one stop. If you dont currently have workers compensation and want a competitive price, we can offer a proposal for coverage also. One call gets both things taken care of in one shot.

With simple straight-forward pricing, youll know exactly how much payroll processing will cost.

If employees and payroll is all new to you, well walk you through, step-by-step, so youll know right away whats required, and help you get back quickly to running your business, instead of it running you.

You can pay your staff weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, or once a month with one set price of $28.95 per month, plus $3.75 per employee. If you have employees and sub-contractors, no problem, we can work with both.

Seemlessly have your federal and state payroll taxes paid.

940, 941, 944, and state tax forms filled out.

Sick leave and PTO tracking Set your sick leave or paid time off policy and/or rules for each of your staff members, or type of employee, and well calculate the amount earned and include it with their pay stub document. The numbers will automatically get updated for each payroll, allowing easy access for both you and your employee, saving you time from having to answer questions from employees wondering how much time they have available. As your staff takes time off, simply update the amount, and the new balance will be reflected on the next payroll.

No hidden fees or gotchas, no long-term commitments, just one easy to understand pricing program that lets you know what your cost is.

Simple 3-Step Process to run your payroll. Simply enter hours, approve, pay, and then do something more fun.

100% online, so you wont have to worry about your computer crashing

Full Service Onboarding Setup Available. We will set up your account and add all your employees, and then provide training so you can do it yourself. This includes all payroll tax settings for your company and employees.  If you want, you can have us continue to provide a hands-off service that allows you to focus on your business, instead of stopping each week or every other week to process your companys payroll.

Employees get an online portal, this saves you time when they self-service their payroll.

Mobile device clock in and clock out available for a small additional cost

Call us today and get started now with our payroll services, or if you have five or less, you can start by clicking the subscription link below

Robert Weinstein is a husband, dad, stock market junkie, real estate broker, and of surance agent. Interests include my family, economics, marketing, technology, real estate, finance/investing, history, and Asia.

Roberts insurance expertise includes having the designation of Certified in Long-Term Care (CLTC) and assist in asset protection for families with members entering retirement.

Robert is also an accomplished syndicated writer whose work can be found in TheStreet, MainStreet, CNBC, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, MSN Money, The Money Show, Stock Saints, Motley Fool, Fidelity, Minyanville, RealMoney Pro, and many national and international newspapers.

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