MD of Equifax Credit Information Services and country leader – India & MEA, Equifax does not let stress get to him. He knows how to take an objective view

Chairman of BCG India, Janmejaya Sinha believes the structural vs cyclical argument is rubbish, and says that each company has considerable power over its individual destiny

With rising inflation and stretched fiscal, the government has little room for expansionary policies

The macro headwind may be getting worse for the infra sector, but a handful of companies with robust order book could just weather the dust storm

The company makes do with a lower multiple because of weak core revenue, but analysts are betting on the IBM products acquisition to turn things around

Just as a dying canary would warn miners about poisonous gases building up in a tunnel, a good set of indicators is essential for any manager, says Ishaat Hussain, former director of Tata Sons

Crises give you great opportunities to be adventurous and transform your business, says IBM India MD Karan Bajwa

Failure is the worst that could happen to an Indian entrepreneur, and it could also be the best thing. What flips the story?

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As the CEO of Maruti Suzuki, Jagdish Khattar dealt with several challenging situations by building strong relationships with his team and ecosystem partners, and keeping his ear to the ground

Paytm changed the way Indians spend but its business model could just face its biggest challenge yet

Shashi Tharoor made his comic debut at Leading Edge, where he delivered a humorous session on the perils of being an educated politician

At Leading Edge 2019, Allan Pease shows business leaders how to make the best first impression in any situation

Why investors need to prepare themselves to deal with Chinese securities

The onion-like layers of an InvIT camouflage its overall level of indebtedness and other inherent risks

Seven insightful lessons on living a better life

The food aggregator does know that restaurants are logging out as their bottomline is getting whacked out of shape by Zomato Gold. Then, why wont it budge? Maybe, it is equally cornered

The annual Pushkar Fair could lose its star attraction, the ship of the desert

Walking is tedious and short cab rides are tough to get. Yulu, with its shared bikes, offers the next woke mode of transport

An anti-establishment tweet, a blocked account, a trending hashtag: the perfect recipe for a movement of Indians leaving Twitter for Mastodon

How a bunch of small merchants and influencers have developed alternative models to cosy up to buyers

Once a market leader, BSNL has been brought down by lethargy and government inaction. Today, its future hangs on a cliff

Growing companies have found a new friend in venture debt funds, who help tide over bad times and enforce much needed financial discipline

Kelloggs breakfast cereal elbowed its way into a difficult market, dominated by idlis and parathas. Now it is bracing up for its next battle

The US market remains choppy but Natco Pharma is becoming a compelling bet by rebooting itself with a new strategy

IndusInd Bank CEO Romesh Sobti cashes in on the market rebound by selling stock worth Rs.108 million

As ICICI Bank hits a new high, ICICI Home Finance CEO Anirudh Kamani sells stock worth Rs.21 million

Continental Indias Country Head cant get enough of the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, his favourite getaway

Its the most compelling release from the House of Breguet this year the Classique Tourbillon Extra-Plat Squelette 5395

Add a dash of luxury to your next road trip or event by availing the services of KTC India andVictoria Car Rental

With storytelling at its heart, the Magic Lotus Automaton invites meditation and contemplation in an animated Zen garden

The MD of Motilal Oswal AMC is a man of simple taste he looks for interesting cities and relaxes with a peg of gin and tonic

To make this market exuberant enough for a bust will take considerably higher prices

Companies that maximise per share value, even if they dont grow will be great bets

Once we get over all this macho I can do everything on my own nonsense, Life is much better

Engines of influence work exactly the way power flows when you flip a switch

You want to see a business model that makes sense now; it is hard to change later on