One of the interesting subjects is explained on. Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that economics is related to the consumption, distribution and production of services and goods. Economics is included as a part of social science. The subject was renamed into economics from political economics by Alfred Marshall in 19th century. At that time, the term economics was more applicable due to the extensive usage of mathematics. Therefore, it was excluded from a political science. Let us check other useful facts about economics by reading the following post below:

There are two major studies in economics. They are the macroeconomics and microeconomics.

Can you guess the focus of macroeconomics? It focuses on the entire economy. There will be many issues discussed in macroeconomics such as investments, production and saving. The effect of macroeconomics is also explained which include the fiscal and monetary policies, economic growth and inflation.

If you want to talk about the basic elements of economy, you need to think about microeconomics. It focuses on the sellers, buyers, firms, and households. All of them are called individual agents.

Economics is divided in a number of forms where you can create distinction. You can compare between the behavioral and rational economics, applied economics and economic theory, normative economics and positive economics, and heterodox economics and mainstream economics. Findfacts about debthere.

The application of economic analysis is spotted in various fields such as health care, finance, business, and government.

There is a wide array of subjects, which can be associated with economics such as science, war, social institutions, religion, politics, law, family, education, environment and crime.

Have you realized the objective of economics? It is focused to increase the equality of living of the people for their daily basis.

Economic policy will be applied related to the flow of good and service in the international trade. Therefore, the trade quotas and tariff rates can be determined. Getfacts about Dow Joneshere.

The unit of analysis is directed to an economic system of a society.

The centrally planned economy is very rare today. However, some countries like Laos, North Korea and Cuba still apply this economic system.

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