Tired of your 8 to 5 job? Youre boss? The lack of freedom?

I hear you… Not long ago, I was stuck in the rat race wasting hours commuting to an office I didnt want to go to, working for people I didnt want to be around…

Before you throw in the towel and start an online business, you have to figure outwhat business model works best for you.

There are a million-and-one ways to make money online… And you are a UNIQUE HUMAN!

Finding the method that mixes best with your personality, your skills and experiences is going to fast-track your success online.

Heres the ultimate truth that will inspire you…

TRILLIONS of people from all over the world are searching for help on Google and YouTube…

BILLIONS of people every day are browsing Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest & more…

Beat their friends at Fortnite or League of legends

Learn guitar or woodworking or acrylic pour painting

Or gardening, knitting, crafts, copywriting, cooking, skin care, makeup etc.

If youve got decent communication skills and a little know-how to assist these folks in achieving their dreams…

Then youve got what it takes to grow a REAL business online!

Even if you dont have the skills to teach someone these things, right now…

All you truly need is the WILLINGNESS to help and the WILLINGNESS do the research for them…

You have the raw materials required to build a successful business online.

There are 2 main reasons why it is imperative that you start laying the foundation for your financial success.

From truck drivers and warehouse workers to customer support representatives and servers… Millions of jobs will disappear in the coming years.

Yes, the money is important, but remember that the money is just a tool to buy your time freedom and location independence.  Breaking free from the rat race is the key!

When choosing an internet or lifestyle business to start, you want to make sure it hits these three points:

Provides the freedom to live anywhere you want so you can travel, volunteer or move where you want.

Allows a flexible work schedule so you can spend more time with your family or doing what you love.

Achieves high-income opportunities so you can support yourself without relying on a corporation.

As someone who has generated millions of dollars online it is almost like semi-retiring early, except you dont have to wait until youre old and gray.

And, if you have a few gray hairs already (Ive got my fair share 😉 ) an online business can be a great way to set yourself up with excellent cash flow that can continue to grow during your retirement years.

When starting your own business, you can get it up and running from anywhere even if you have just nights and weekends to work on it.

You can also start it on a bootstrapped budget without having to shell out tons of money.

Also know that anyone can do it. You dont need to have any specialized training… I dont have a computer science degree or marketing degree.  Im 100% self-taught.

But as with any business,it takes time to take off,and thats why you need to know and understandwhyyou want to start a business online FIRST.

This video below will help you understand the power of having a strong WHY that will power you through the challenges and confusion that come with going through the learning curve of building a business.

If you dont have your why start determined yet,do notskip this step.

A business is not easy, and your why has to be larger than the bumps you will encounter to persevere. Long-term business success is the goal.

Go through theUltimate How To Achieve Lifestyle Design Exerciseif you do not have your business end goal defined. This small deviation is a very wise thing to spend time on, and should help you to break down the barriers that are keeping you from starting your online business today.

Ok, at this point were ready to jump in to the list….

All of these businesses provide the opportunity to make money fast.

The key to real success, however, isa long-term vision.

What youdontwant to do is stand around waiting forever to get started!

Choose one, get going, andalwaysmake integrity a high-level priority. You want to build a positive and lasting relationship with your very first customers, so that you can keep them purchasing again and again.

When you do this right, you will not have to start from zero again; a fundamental element to starting a successful business. Start from zeroonce, sell excellent products and services, take care of people, andsuccessfully build a lifestyle business.

Now let me share some of these amazing online businesses with you. One of them may just be the magic idea that suits you best.

Are you an expert in your field, or do you knowmore than the average personabout a specific subject or skill?

If you have the ability to help others get a desired result on a particular topic then you are potentially set up to make some serious income every month, without the need to start any sort of online store with physical products.

The entire self education industry online is booming to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

People are learning how to play guitar, how to garden, knitting, quilt-making, drone racing, e-sports and more…

If you have a skill that others seek to learn, you can use your knowledge and skills to build people up while making some cash along the way!

Now this post is an overview, so Im not going to dive deep into the how-to here…

But if you think that youve got what it takes to sell courses online,watch this video where I break down how to sell courses online even deeper.

Establish yourself as an authority in your niche, grow an audience, grow trust with that audience and offer them the solutions they desire.

The biggest key here is that you should always choose a niche topic that youll never grow tired of learning more about. Passion can be an important tool, because it will keep giving you the energy to press onward even when you hit bumps in the road.

When it comes to selling courses online, peoplecreate their YouTube channels and websites, conduct webinars, or write eBooks to share their expertise with others who may be willing to subscribe, or even pay, for what they have to offer.

Do you know how to travel hack your way into business class?  Have you lost weight with intermittent fasting or the keto diet and know how to help others, too?

Whatever that niche may be,as long as you have the skills and a strong desire to keep learning, thenyou can sell these solutions in the form of an information product. Informational products are one of the largest online business markets out there.

It also doesnt take much to get started with this type of unch your blog, shoot those videos,advertise on Facebook, and build an audience. With 3.2 billion people(or 40% of the global population)being internet users, theresno better time to jump into the world of online courses.

Heres some data to back up this powerful opportunity…

8 out of 10 people from developed nations go online

21 out of 61 people from developing countries use the internet

About 40% of US companies market their products and services using blogs

34% of Fortune 500 companies have had active blogs since 2008

Companies with blogs get 97% more links to their website

Facebook is another platform that you can utilize to share your information products.

Check out these impressive figures from December 2019:

If you have authentic information to share that isnt just a regurgitated version of something else thats already out there, then you canabsolutelygain peoples respect and confidence.

Once you get people hooked on what youre selling them, you will begin to see an influx offorever clientsand returning customers.

Now, creating your own courses is a lot of work…

Not only are you responsible for the course itself, but youve gotta write the sales letter, build the shopping cart, the product delivery area, run the ads, the emails, the marketing, etc.

If you are totally, new, this is an overwhelming amount of work that needs to be done…

You can build your entire online businessby promoting other peoples products on your website and selling them.

The rush of getting your first checks in the mail from promoting other peoples products is amazing.

Some affiliate marketers generate 7-figures income (thats over a MILLION DOLLARS) each and every MONTH.

Yep, you read that right.7-figure months with affiliate marketing!

If this sounds interesting, its best for you towatch this video here and let my friend Justin Atlan (and his team) explain more.

Affiliate marketing can also evolve into selling your own courses when you are ready to take on the additional challenges of writing your sales copy, creating the courses, etc.

As an affiliate, your goal is to build an audience of people within your niche who look to YOU as their trusted advisor…

You grow your email list and you promote the best products for your audience that will help them solve their problems or achieve their goals.

You earn a commission when those products you promote sell which allows you to focus 100% of your efforts on marketing.

When you have a big audience and some solid marketing skills… And the cash is flowing in…

You can then start to build your own products and promote your products for 100% of the profits!

15% of the total digital media advertising revenue is attributed to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs generate 15%30% of all sales for advertisers.

More than 80% brands use affiliate marketing.

Now Ive put togethera huge list of niche ideas, but here are the top 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches

This isa great business opportunity; however,you have to resist the temptation to recommendless than desirable products to make a quick buck.

Sure, you can write excellent copy for the product, and yes, they might take your word for it and buy it. But, its an unethical way to conduct an affiliate marketing business.

Plus, your chances of getting a follow-up sale on your next advertised product are going to be slim in such cases. This is a good way tolose for goodin your online business.

To win in affiliate marketing, offer value and be authentic. The goal is to develop a solid relationship with your audience. This isespeciallytrue with your email list.

And you can only earn that withhonestyandintegrityin mind.

In affiliate marketing, your commission is going to depend on what youre selling. Some people in the affiliate marketing business make as much as75% commission from a digital product.

Physical products, on the other hand, typically earn between 2% – 10%. But when you sell hundreds of those physical products, thats still apretty good online business opportunity.

Also, if you do affiliate marketing for the best web hosting company, the best keyword research tool, the best membership programs, or other digital products that come with a subscription, you canalsoearn a monthly recurring commission for each referralwhen you offer to send people to those resources as well.

This gives those companies more advertising, and gives you commissions based on sales!

Mention these affiliate products in the description section of your YouTube videos, email list, Podcast show notes, or asuper simple affiliate marketing funnel. Affiliate marketing can be applied to most business models, so you can solely do affiliate marketing,or, you can do it in combination with your current business.

If you like the idea of becoming a successful affiliate marketer, read this post next:

I break down the exact steps in even greater detail about how to become a successful affiliate marketer in that one!

People buy courses and pay for professional advice all the time.

Because its often the fastest way to succeed at something that you want to excel at!

Want to know how to lose weight fast? Youre bound to finddozensof weight loss coaches in just a couple of Google searches.

Theres a high demand for coaches and consultants in specific fields most of these being in health, fitness, life and relationships.

But there are coaches making lucrative careers in seemingly obscure niches likeVirtual Racing SchoolorFortnite coaching.

Not to mention every sport ever… Including Bowling, Parkour, Crossfit, Golf and yes… Every other sport.

And of course all the business to business consulting from advertising and marketing to project management and supply chain logistics consulting.

There are millions of people looking for someone they can trust who can help them get a specific and valuable result.

If youve got a service or training course to offer, then coaching or consulting business may be for you!

Plus,as I explain in this video, a coaching business can turn into a successful online course, too.

These are great ideas for online business ventures!

Say you want to teach others and train them to become adept in a valuable skill, or you want them to become healthier and happier.

If so, then starting an online course or consultation service can be afantasticway to make money in your own business.

Whether youre doing coaching, courses, or consultations, youll need to gather up some tools… such as an email and messenger service, calendar for organizing schedules and appointments, video calling software, and your payment system.

You also need to set up your tools for communicating with your clients. There are video calls, screencasts, file transfers, group calls for e-learning and webinars, and live chat options to consider for your business. All of these tools will assist you in becomingmore effective in the services you offer through your internet business.

Here are some awesome facts about this online business opportunity:

Annual Growth of the Top 5 Domains in Online Consultation:

Once you open up your doors globally, you can turnanyskill into something profitable, while also helping other people to develop or strengthen new skills.

So really, its a win-win situation… becauseas you help others, you make money along the way!

Here are some pro tips to take your consulting business to the next level!

One more thing; if you want to turn this into a recurring monthly income for yourself, then you should consider setting up a paidmembership programor monthly coaching program. As long as these people keep subscribing to your course, your business is going to grow.

My good friendDave Woodingsays thatrecurring income is the Holy Grail of income,and Itotallyagree!

And the great thing about membership program businesses is that they can allow you to doone body of work each and every month, that you can then go on to sell hundreds if not thousands of times over and over again.

Well, you need to base your membership programaround what you have been doing something that youve gotten great results with, that will also help other people with a problem they are having.

This could be anything, really. But the idea is that youstart a membership programto help people succeed in something that they dont know how to succeed in, and they pay you for the easy access to the information.

I use my forum for my membership program. Here, people can access my trainings, get my advanced trainings, ask me questions as they go through them, and get that individual, one-on-one help.

This makes my membership program a little bit unique because it also incorporates bits of coaching worked into the mix.

Now, my wifes membership program is a little bit different. It is basically an on-demand access to a vault of past paid content. This includes video courses, PDFs, MP3s, and all kinds of other things.

She essentially keeps putting her best work into this program, so it keeps getting updated with new stuff and keeps building up in value.

At this point, it is almost like a learning management system where members can log in, download what they want, and go at their own pace.

Membership sites are awesome businesses becauseonce you make that sale, you can continue to earn income from it for months or even years to come.

As long as you continue to deliver fantastic value to your customers, your membership program willcontinueto work for you and earn you income on a monthly basis.

Digital marketing services give local businessesthe option to advertise to a vast number of people; a lot more people than theyd be able to reach without an online presence. Its not at all uncommon for businesses to be on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more.

Digital marketing is, honestly,much bigger than just putting ads up online.

This is where you come in as a potential business owner helping businesses to gain exposure, which can be a fantastic opportunity for you to earn money from home. Create a successfullocal marketing strategythat gets results, and youre in business.

Why not start an internet business selling digital marketing services? Take a look at some of the ideas you can choose from:

Got a knack for designing? Then its time to sell your talent to business owners looking to get their fancy promotional items, logos, and business cards made. Do a couple of jobs for free or at low cost to get your foot in the door, and start making businesses some super cool logos, flyers, mailers, business cards, print or digital ads, and other designs.

You will then be able to quickly build up your portfolio while having a bunch of happy clients telling their business friends about you.

Are you a wordsmith, SEO(search engine optimization)genius, or both? Then youve got a gold mine within you! A flashy website doesnt meananythingunless it shows up on Google. Thats why businesses need a skilled individual to get their websites ranking high on the search engine result pages.

If youre a self-learner, skilled at SEO and content management, and have enough dedication, then you can build your own authority site. You can then begin focusing your online business towards these digital marketing services.

Here are some quick facts for you about SEO writing and content management:

53% of online marketers used blog writing as their 1 inbound marketing technique in 2017

In 2017, e-commerce business traffic came mostly from email marketing and SEO while content marketing and affiliates are less frequently used channels

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – 14%

If you are skilled in SEO and can create excellent content thats worth reading, then you havevaluable digital marketing service skillsto fill a veryimportantbusiness need.

Providing these kinds of services is agreat wayto establish your online business… and also offershigh investment returns. So, put your writing skills to good use… and start making money doing what you do best.

Likes, shares, and social media engagement have become proven methods for companies to expand into the online business world. They can also help businesses gain followers, who later on, can also be converted into customers.

Is it possible that you can start a business as a social media consultant?

As a basic example, say you come across a post for a business in your local area. Initially, you might give it a like and then later remember,hey, Ive been meaning to check this place out.

Or maybe you give a company page a like, and then later on, make a purchase from them.

A lot of in-house and online businesses alike outsource their social media management jobs to people who can create posts and share them across all platforms. They do this to reach new audiences and drive more people to their products and services.

But is there room for you in this niche? If youre good at it, can you try to sell digital marketing services and grow your online business?

80% of online traffic from consumers will come from videos by 2020

Every single day, users watch over 100 million hours of video content from Facebook

As you can see, the potential to sell your digital marketing services in the form of social media marketing, and earn money from home doing so… issubstantial. Therefore, if you can write, and also effectively handle a businesses social media needs, then this isan excellent online business opportunity for you.

Do you know how to build an online website? Another good way to make money while working from home and starting an online business isby selling WordPress sites. You could work as a developer to build ecommerce sites, help them to get found by search engines, and help people develop their own business ideas for online web pages.

Local businesses who have a website can effectively validate their brand, increase their reach, generate leads, and more. Every business needs one, and they are expensive!

Do you have a friend who owns their own business? Build one for them for free to get started. You can also build a couple for yourself, and start selling them.

But wait, theres more. After you help your clients create a website for their online business using something like the WordPress platform, you can then offeradditional digital marketing servicessuch as SEO and social media.

If you have the talent, you can additionally offer a few of the online business ideas we have already covered, and get several awesome businesses going at one time.

Once theyre happy with the site youve made for them, and theyknowyou live up to your promises, it will be easier to sell those additional digital marketing services to them in the future.

Maintain an excellent reputation with these new customers. Not only will they become your finest repeat customers, but theyll also be more inclinedto refer you to their friends and colleagues.

This is one of thefastestways to learn online marketing.

I did this myself for three years. The experience I gained sped up the learning curves of website building, social media management, Facebook advertising, SEO, and email marketing… just to name a few. I also developed many other skills necessary for our current online business.

You can effectively become a quality control coach outsourcing all of these projects to freelancers on Upwork,Onlinejobs.ph, Fiverr, and many other freelance websites. If youd like additional information and insight on digital marketing arbitrage, check out myvideoexplaining the ins and outs.

The really cool thing about outsourcing these virtual jobs to, say, the Philippines or India, is thatyou can spend your time during the day meeting up with clients. And then, by the evening, you can send out your assignments to your virtual team. Because of the time differences, they can work on those assignments overnight, so youre able to gettwice as much work donewith this online business model.

To make money with this model, find businesses that need digital marketing services, social media help, blogs, or graphic design. You then sell them the contract, outsource the job to freelancers for less, and coach them to produce a quality product for your client.

To build your reputation and prove you can follow through with what you say, you can initially offer your servicesfor freeor at a deep discount, to make sure that you can pull off what you say you can do and begin to build that credibility.

Most of thesevirtual assistantsare outside of the US; at least the ones you can pay and still turn a profit. Effective communication with someone outside of the US requires a different art form and a lot of attention to quality control. You cant merely say make a logo look like this, and email it to me in two days, then deliver it to your client.

Digital marketing arbitrage isnt for everybody, but I highly recommend it. In fact, if I had to start all over with no money, digital marketing would be thepure hustle businessthat I would start.

Freelancing actually gives you an easier method for getting started than starting a full-fledged digital agency.

Obviously, you can freelance in areas like SEO, copywriting, etc. But you can also do things like transcription, video editing, making show notes from podcasts, editing audio, translating documents, translating books, etc.

The main thing you need to get started as a freelancer is experience. Advertising can also be a challenge… but finding clients gets easier as you start putting real, measurable effort into it!

First, you have to figure outwhat you are good at.

Are you good at Photoshop? Are you a web developer? Can you build an app? Can you design awesome ads? Are you great at advertising? Do you have experience with search engines? Are you a copywriter? Are you good at copy editing? Are you good at proofreading? Can youcrush itat video editing?

For this type of business, you need to play to your strengths and do what you aregood at.

You should also strive to choose a niche that you love.

Finding work as a freelancer, at that point, is mostly about findingother businesses (including ecommerce store businesses) that want to pass off some of their workload to someone else.

This could be digital businesses, a local company, brick-and-mortar businesses, ecommerce stores, business owners your clients couldreallybeanyone who is already making money, who is looking to scale, and needs skilled help to make that happen.

You could step in and fill a role for these types of clients as a freelancer and this would get yououtof that 9-to-5 job grind, where you could get some flexibility and open up your opportunities a little bit more.

You could then leveragethatto go on and start your own digital marketing agency, or work on building up another side-hustle or passive income business of your own.

Want to solve peoples biggest problems with software, or become a software developer and build tools to help your clients? Well if you do, then software as a service could be the perfect home based business opportunity for you!

People would gladlypay for, subscribe to, andusesoftware that proves to be relevant to their needs.

Heres how you can turn SaaS into your online home business:

First, design and create a program or software productthat would help your clients. You can either create a program or software product yourself, or you canoutsourcethe build to an app developer. You can then begin to sell your product and offer subscriptions for recurring cash inflow.

If youre the type who geeks out on software design and development, then this online business model is right up your alley.Can you think of an enormous problem people face, and come up with a software solution that solves their problem? If so, then people willgladlypay for your product.

This is especially true if they cant find the solution anywhere else.

33% of companies use more SaaS applications, with 16 apps/ company

38% of US businesses adopted a SaaS-exclusive workplace in 2017, with a measly 17% doing the same thing in 2016

The expected growth of the SaaS market by 2020 is $76 billion

80% of end users in the US prefer SaaS and cloud-hosted apps for organization and communication, with only 51% on-board in 2016

Did you know 4 BIG Tech companies, such as Microsoft, CA Technologies, SAP, and IBM, have all made the switch to SaaS product development? As you can see, software as a service isa very profitable online business.

Plus, certain software solutions are responsible for boosting the SaaS market share with collaboration applications, ERP, CRM, business intelligence, and HR management.

The development and need for SaaS are rapidly increasing and evolving. As the demand continues to soar, its time to get creative and come up with software to solve peoples problems.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can base your online business on SaaS and become privy toincredible earning potential.

According to Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP), the future of SaaS will incorporate an AI layer forbetter interaction between the user and the software. This layer also promotes deeper learning opportunities in business analytics.

Not really techy? Not a problem. You can outsource the software build to freelancers or software companies, then market your SaaS product to customers and clients. You can even offer your product for subscription fees on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. As people keep on subscribing, your cash inflow will just keep coming.

The trick in launching a SAAS fast and cheap is to follow the Lean Startup Method, and launch a Minimum Viable Funnel before you spend all the time creating the product. You never know if what you will create will sell, sotest selling it before you make it with an MVF.

Crocheting, knitting, making jewelry there areso many handmade goodsout there, and unfortunately people often overlook this one because it isnt one of the fancier online options.

But it isabsolutely viable, and there is ahugemarket for it.

There is especially a market for these types of goods when they are marketedwith your own personal story.

For example lets say that your baby has sensitive skin, and cant use regular sunscreen.

Maybe he/she breaks out in a rash if they do, because their skin is just extr