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Journal of the Japanese and International Economies

Recently published articles from China Economic Review.

Public distrust and valuation biases: Identification and calibration with contingent valuation studies of two air quality improvement programs in China

The Chinese governance system: Its strengths and weaknesses in a comparative development perspective

Pollution mitigation, unemployment rate and wage inequality in the presence of agricultural pollution

Empirical study on location choice of Chinese OFDI

The rise of red private entrepreneurs in China: Policy shift, institutional settings and political connection

Jin Yang Jian Huang Yanhua Deng Massimo Bordignon

Equity in health-care financing in China during the progression toward universal health coverage

Assessment of the effects of infrastructure investment under the belt and road initiative

Gaoju Yang Xianhai Huang Jiahui Huang Hangyu Chen

Environmental regulation and responses of local governments

Agricultural productivity convergence in China

Monetary policy and financial investments of nonfinancial firms: New evidence from China

Does the belt and road initiative expand Chinas export potential to countries along the belt and road?

Promoting or preventing labor migration? Revisiting the role of language

Peer effects among graduate students: Evidence from China

Partisan culture, identity and corruption: An experiment based on the Chinese Communist Party

Bequest motive, household portfolio choice, and wealth inequality in urban China

Real estate boom and resource misallocation in manufacturing industries: Evidence from China

Job training and organizational performance: Analyses from medical institutions in China

The long shadows of war in China: Battle shocks in early life and health/wealth accumulation

Upward mobility and the demand for children: Evidence from China

Going out to innovate more at home: Impacts of outward direct investments on Chinese firms domestic innovation performance

Public information content and market information efficiency: A comparison between China and the U.S.

Trade-off between economic development and environmental governance in China: An analysis based on the effect of river chief system

Analysis of regional carbon allocation and carbon trading based on net primary productivity in China

Yinyin Wu Ping Wang Xin Liu Jiandong Chen Malin Song

To upgrade or to relocate? Explaining heterogeneous responses of Chinese light manufacturing firms to rising labor costs

Income inequality and subjective wellbeing: Panel data evidence from China

Income threshold, household appliance ownership and residential energy consumption in urban China

Does a name change attract better students? Evidence from Chinese universities

Expropriation with hukou change and labour market outcomes in China

Chuhong Wang Mehtap Akgҫ Xingfei Liu Massimiliano Tani

Evaluating car license auction mechanisms: Theory and experimental evidence

Re-study on Chinese city size and policy formation

Exchange rate movements in emerging economies – Global vs regional factors in Asia

Cultural risk and management strategy for Chinese enterprises overseas investment

Chinese OFDI responses to the B&R initiative: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment

Direct or indirect? The impact of political connections on export mode of Chinese private enterprises

Chinese cross-border M&As in the One Belt One Road countries: The impact of Confucius Institutes

Min Liu Cong Su Fangfang Wang Liangxiong Huang

Meat consumption and democratic governance: A cross-national analysis

Introduction to the special issue on sustainable food consumption in China

Firm-level human capital and innovation: Evidence from China

Overeducation, market recognition, and effective labour supply

Transition from factor-driven to innovation-driven urbanization in China: A study of manufacturing industry automation in Dongguan City

Xun Li Eddie Chi-man Hui Wei Lang Shali Zheng Xiaozhen Qin

Has urbanization accelerated PM2.5 emissions? An empirical analysis with cross-country data

Qichen Dong Yongyi Lin Jieyu Huang Zhongfei Chen

The productivity impacts of energy efficiency programs in developing countries: Evidence from iron and steel firms in China

Massimo Filippini Thomas Geissmann Valerie J. Karplus Da Zhang

Returns to military service in off-farm wage employment: Evidence from rural China

An experimental investigation of bilateral oligopoly in emissions trading markets

Recent housing affordability in urban China: A comprehensive overview

Measuring economic policy uncertainty in China

The impact of energy regulation on energy intensity and energy structure: Firm-level evidence from China

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