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Dear diary, pointing out the truth is xenophobia. First, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that not visiting Asian restaurants is racist. Then CNNs activist Jim Acosta says that President Donald Trump pointing out that Covid-19 [Read more…]

By: Frank Shostak Global policymakers moved to ease public anxiety over the coming economic hit from the coronavirus as analysts warned of a severe slowdown in growth and a possible recession if the virus continues to spread. The US Federal [Read more…]

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Dow Jones tanks 1,900 points despite Federal Reserves $1 trillion big bazookas

Not even the Federal Reserve could rescue the U.S. stock market. For the second straight day, the Fed announced that it will pump more than $1 trillion into the financial system to stop the bleeding. The central bank says it will unleash these [Read more…]

By: Andrew Moran Is there any end in sight for the coronavirus? Until there is, you can anticipate the demagogues will be out in full force, exploiting Covid-19 to advance particular agendas. The trade protectionists are grandstanding by [Read more…]

Here is another goodie from Americas funniest congresswoman, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: It is racist to avoid eating at Asian restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic. Dont believe it? Here she is in an Instagram video: Is [Read more…]

U.S. financial markets are crashing again midweek as the Dow Jones tanked more than 1,000 points in the middle of the trading session. Hey, at least Alpha Pro Tech is trading higher! But how bad is everything right now? Well, before we look at [Read more…]

White House officials say that President Donald Trump is considering a zero percent payroll tax cut for the rest of 2020 to help fight the economic fallout from the Wuhan coronavirus that has infected hundreds in the United States, reports [Read more…]

By: Stefan Gleason We appear to be entering the sort of scenario that doomsday preppers have been warning about for years. A pandemic is spreading death and panic around the world. Markets are crashing. Store shelves are emptying How long will [Read more…]

Democrats are apparently the wokest people on the planet, fighting against homophobia, sexism, racism, xenophobia, and anything else that is vile under the sun. Apparently, though, the mainstream media and the Democratic leadership think Democratic [Read more…]

What another interesting day on the stock market. Up, down, and up. Everything in the market recovered on Tuesday after being slaughtered on Black Monday. Of course, it just couldnt be a normal dead cat bounce. It surged 1,000 points and then it [Read more…]

Jim Acosta says it is xenophobic to point out COVID-19 originated in China

Will COVID-19 trigger the next bust? No, but it will make the economic collapse worse

Dow Jones tanks 1,900 points despite Federal Reserves $1 trillion big bazookas