Filing your income tax return in the Netherlands

Registration at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

How to start a business in the Netherlands – a checklist

What do you need to come to the Netherlands as an entrepreneur? Find information on permits, visa, regulated professions and qualifications.

How do you start your business? Find checklists and info on writing a business plan, choosing a legal structure and registration.

How do you manage your business? Its all here: taxes, staff, innovation, international business, environment, regulations, and more.

The Dutch government offers information and advice to businesses to prepare for, or cope with, the coronavirus. Find all the available information.

What can do for you? Find out by watching Mikes story. He found all the information he needed on this website, and so can you.

Import, export. Which documents and levies apply? How do you get Customs clearance? Find customers abroad? Find out in our International Business pages.

Do you employ flex or on-call workers? Then you need to be aware of the Balance Employment Market Act (WAB). Use our checklist to find out what the new rules are.

Since 1 January, sole traders and partnerships receive a VAT-ID and a VAT number from the Tax Administration. Read how this works.

EEA or Switzerland companies or self-employed professionals with temporary assignments in the Netherlands have to notify the government starting 1 March.

Discover the rules for selling products in the Netherlands.

Read how to start a hotel, cafe or restaurant business.

Find out the rules for professional, scientific and technical services.

Check out the rules for culture and amusement in the Netherlands.

Information on subsidies, tax schemes, government funding, private loans, and other financing options

Find out this years changes in Dutch laws, rules and regulations

What you need to do if your business doesnt make it, or you want to sell

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