Executives were asked about the coronavirus pandemic, economic recession, the U.S. presidential election, civil unrest, and climate change/sustainability

LLC. All rights reserved.FAQUpdated Privacy PolicyIn some ways,or redistributed. ©2020 FOX News Network,might experience less of an impact.Stony Brook University Political Science Professor Helmut Norpoth argues there is a 91 percent chance President Trump will be re-elected.Election worry has been a big deal for many Americans.Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Market data provided byFactset. Powered and implemented byFactSet Digital SolutionsLegal Statement. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided byRefinitiv Lipper.Trump-Biden elections potential impact has 44% of business execs worried for their organizationThe election unease grew throughout the year: Thirty-seven percent of executives said they had high concern by mid-July — and by early October that percentage soared to 52%.About 7 in 10 voters say they are anxious about the election,rewritten,he continued,the recession and the pandemic are almost the same issue or have the same impact on a bank. Those who selected the pandemic as a greater concern probably are in locations more dramatically affected by it. Those who are more concerned about regulation changes related to the election might feel that the recession and pandemic are a concern,averaging 2.5% November 12,broadcast,2020This material may not be published,

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If the Democrats win the presidency, their two big plays will be coverage, that is, access to care, fewer uninsured, and cost,saidBrian Sanderson,Crowe LLP managing principal, health care services. If the Republicans win the presidency and the Democrats win the Senate, it will be gridlock in health care, with only marginal legislation like price transparency making it through. If its a Republican presidency and a Republican Senate, look for more private investments, such as digital health, ancillary providers, and big players making stronger plays under a market with fewer regulations.

Early voting numbers suggest 2020 will shatter voter turnout records.Nearly 100 million votes have already been cast, through early voting or mail-in ballots, which could lead to delays in tabulation.

Todays mortgage rates stay low,but because of their customer base,according to an AP-NORC poll last month. Only a third are excited. Biden supporters were more likely than Trump voters to be nervous 72% to 61%.

Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Market data provided byFactset. Powered and implemented byFactSet Digital SolutionsLegal Statement. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided byRefinitiv Lipper.

Recessions generally create problems for a borrowers ability to fully repay its loans,saidMike Percy, managing partner, financial servicesfor Crowe. For banks, the financial impact of credit problems especially when the credit problems become more extreme due to an event like a recession generally is much greater than the impact from changes in regulations.

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A nation already uncertain about its future amid a worsening pandemic, an economic sucker punch and series of police killings that forced a national reckoning on racism is now contemplating the added threat of possible clashes in the wake of Election Day.

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How worried are business executives about the potential impact ofthe presidential electionon their organization? New data from aCrowe Business Challenges Surveysays 44% of execs have expressed concerns.

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Executives, surveyed from late June through early October, were asked about thecoronavirus pandemiceconomic recession, the U.S. presidential election,civil unrest, andclimate change/sustainability. Fifthy-eight percent said the coronavirus was a major concern and 52% said aneconomic recession was a major concern.

As the coronavirus crisis surges to more than 9 million infections and 230,000 dead, the election for many is a referendum on how Trump has handled the pandemic.