Taiwans new programme will see the island build eight new diesel-powered attack submarines.

PM Scott Morrison says people travelling from Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and parts of China may be allowed entry.

The move involves about 150 aircraft and follows the disappearance of a jet minutes after takeoff on Tuesday.

Lobbying for participation as observer unsuccessful despite islands success in preventing diseases spread.

Taiwan and the US plan to fund infrastructure projects in developing markets in response to Chinas…

supply chain restructuring,Taipei,and the coffers are running dry too.Taiwans defence ministry says latest weapons sale demonstrates US commitment to help strengthen islands defence.Taiwan will apply to join the new version of the TPP once it completes informal consultations with its current members.Washington hold talks on issues including science and technology,Tsai Ing-wen.The China-friendly party is struggling to reinvent itself as Taiwan changes,and 5G networks.Washington and Taipei are set to hold inaugural economic talks in the United States on November 20.Visit by EPA head will be third by a senior US official since August,with China deploying fighter jets in response.Reuters news agency says Rear Admiral Michael Studeman who oversees regional military intelligence arrived on Sunday.Beijing has held military drills near the Taiwan Straits and has deployed marines and missiles to its…The move may see Beijing try to take legal steps against Taiwans democratically elected president,