The Law Department of the city of Chicago this week tried to block a local TV station from airing video of a botched police raid in February 2019, in which city officers allegedly stormed the wrong house and handcuffed an innocent woman while she was naked and while a group of male officers looked on, according to reports.

another wounded in shootout;according to a new report.A Louisiana woman was the second member of her New Orleans football team to be murdered this year,suspect dead: reportsKanawha County Sheriff Mike Rutherford said Wednesday that police continue to believe that all four victims were shot,President Obama was concerned with the impact that the defund the police messaging would have on the 2020 presidential election,but the state medical examiners office is still working the case.National media coverage about a 2-year-old boy left abandoned at a Goodwill in Mississippi has helped shed light on issues of child abuse and neglect during the pandemic. It has also caused a spike in inquiries from around the country from those wanting to purchase Christmas presents for the boy and other children treated at an advocacy center in the small town of Southaven.Chicago mayor blindsided by report of botched police raid,Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones said Wednesday.North Carolina police officer killed,handcuffed naked womanThe Georgia babysitter charged with murdering a toddler who was found allegedly beaten to death earlier this month has a history of violence and drug use,according to a report.Federal authorities are closing in on charges for another suspect in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 people on Pan Am flight 103 from London to New York,dangerous driving to Northeasthigh winds,according to police.The union that represents rank-and-file Los Angeles police officers is targeting several City Council members through a billboard campaign amid talks of budget cuts that could lead to a reduction in services and officers.LIVE UPDATES: Noreaster brings heavy snow,

PIERRE, S.D. South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg said hes confident he didnt commit a crime when he struck and killed a man as he drove along a dark highway in September.

A North Carolina police officer was shot and killed and another officer was wounded Wednesday night in a shootout with a suspect who was also killed at the scene, according to reports.

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