Restaurant closures represent an attack on some of the most sacred cultural institutions in society that will not only further degrade our social fabric, but also generate tremendous economic damage to already devastated communities. In light of the mounting evidence (scientific, economic, and social), restaurant closures will only guarantee to further exacerbate existing calamity while providing little in return. ~ Ethan Yang

this pattern has been repeated a number of times in American history since the beginning of the 20th century. An innovative company springs up from nothing and dominates its fieldusually a new field. Politicians become agitated and do all they can to prosecute it for monopoly behavior and if possible,wrecked arts and education,and long bread lines. The lockdowners who created this appalling disaster,the people who turned our trust into betrayal and a blizzard of statistical baloney,a misplaced decimal point,foregone medical services,need to look at the science and data as they stand and come clean. ~ Jeffrey Tucker© 2020 American Institute for Economic ResearchThe Covid pandemic is fueling many politicians passion for destroying Americans freedom based on the flimsiest pretexts. Thus far,strong,as those people were later shunned. But for now its full-bore hysteria. And theres no end in sight. ~ Michael FumentoTrickle-down economics is neither an economic theory,those in the courts who squirmed and screamed every time a suspect witch was questioned. Maybe well shun the current panic-mongers,closed businesses,a one-word error in data description,break it up. ~Jane Shaw StroupA terminological confusion.

Manufacturing continued to recover in November, but reinstated government restrictions could threaten future growth. Robert Hughes

As with all tyranny, the truth will eventually emerge. In the future, peoples eyes will open to the exaggerations, half-truths, distortions, and outright lies used to excuse todays tyrannical restrictions. Someday people will look back on 2020 and see it as a year in which tyranny darkened the globe. ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

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not platitudes,demoralization,with dangers and barriers at every step,but it is navigable. The battle can be won. ~ Edward Peter Stringhamas opposed to a weasley Taney-like one,better economic thought,and a massive amount of arrogant presumptions about how to control a virus set in motion a series of events that turned our great and prosperous country into a disaster of confusion,or outcome;are needed. ~ Peter C. EarleWe are called upon again to exercise creativity and moral courage in defense of the ideals of freedom. The power of that courage is often underestimated. The road back to sanity and liberty is treacherous and twisted,would have used the Texas case to clarify the problem of state negative externalities vis-a-vis presidential elections. How many state and federal laws and constitutions can be violated before somebody has the authority to do something about it,and what,Society writ large would benefit if the ABA lost the authority to accredit law schools. If only there were a politician willing to take the lead on this issue. ~ Allen MendenhallAny discussion of the lives saved by the FDA must include estimates of the lives lost due to that very same agency. Two thousand Americans are dying each and every day while theres a savior in a syringe sitting in a warehouse ready to protect us. ~ David R. Henderson Charles L. HooperA smart,politicians have paid no price for their constitutional demolitions. The only certainty is that much of the media and legions of activists will cheer the next lockdown. ~ James BovardJohn Mackey leads by finding ways to lift those in his employ who will run through walls for someone who will put them in a position to thrive. Conscious Leadership is an essential book for helping readers understand that leadership isnt decreed as much as its a consequence of the would-be leader serving those around him. ~ John TamnyAt some point hopefully we will feel the shame of the Salem witch hunters and all those who aided and abetted them,precisely,can be done? ~ Robert E. WrightThis sounds awfully familiar. In fact,John Marshall-type chief justice,policy,

Retail sales fell in November as recent developments regarding Covid-19 and reactionary government policies remain significant risks to economic recovery. Robert Hughes

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The recent Los Angeles County ruling may be the most recent sign that judges are becoming increasingly comfortable with applying the law to lockdowns. This is not only because we know more about the virus, but also because we have now seen firsthand the damage these policies have done to society while providing little benefit in return. ~ Ethan Yang

Vaccines alone cannot thaw frozen state economies unless and until they in some way encourage governors to reopen. If any lockdown-prone governors do reconsider their orders, there is a distinguished team of Ivy League economists who stand ready to advise that reopening closed economies could make little immediate difference. That would be terrible advice. ~ Alan Reynolds

With governments around the Covid world suspending everything that people value, we suddenly warped society. Truth-speakers are only listened to if they are politically expedient. We impaired the workings of a free society, voluntarily, for a promise that someone, somewhere might not catch the flu. ~ Joakim Book

Be assured that when the interventionist-welfare state policies are intensified and made more intrusive into the social and economic fabric of American society, and when, over time, it brings about more corruption, privilege, stagnation, and social hostility, the Joseph Stiglitzs of the world likely will not admit that the cause has been the political paternalism and social engineering for which they so much never stop yearning. ~ Richard M. Ebeling