The Japanese part-owner of Australias newest coal-fired power plant has written off its investment amid dimming prospects for coal.

This translated into a loss of 26bn yen (about A$330m) on the now-worthless plant, the company said.

Banks that held Bluewaters debt reportedlydumped it for as little as 71c in the dollarin July.

In its accounts, it said the decision was made due to difficulty in refinance of senior secured loans, whose due had come in August 2020.

Bluewaters woes are taking place against the backdrop of a coal industry that analysts say is in decline.

The conglomerate Sumitomo and another Japanese company, Kansai, each own half the Bluewaters power plant, which provides about 15% of Western Australias electricity, after buying it for a reported $1.2bn in 2011.

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At the same time, the power plant has been struggling to get coal from its supplier, Griffin Coal, which was also formerly part of Ric Stowes coal barony.

Increasing unwillingness by banks to finance coal projects has led to Sumitomo writing off its stake in Australias newest coal-fired power plant, Bluewaters.

As Guardian Australiareportedon Sunday, the industry is under long-term pressure from the move towards renewable energy while also taking immediate pain from Chinas ban on Australian coal.

The unwillingness of Australian and international banks to refinance loans to Bluewaters is indicative of increasing problems faced by operators of coal-fired power in Australia and around the world, he said.

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