Container shortage crisis stacking pressure on Chinas export recovery

Deal for $10 billion Tokopedia could jump start Asian SPAC flow

The ride-hailing company is betting on its well-funded EV arm to roll out electric scooters in India, and in markets around the world including Europe, Asia and Latin America

Indias central bank is encouraging banks, fintech and technology companies to experiment with mass-market cross-border payment applications

FCC moves signal US will keep anti-China telco stance under Biden

as American oppression and vowed to protect their rightsLNG in trucking will go some way to filling in until electrification of cars and lorries helps reduce greenhouse gasesPeoples Bank of China vows to boost supervision of the bond rating sector after defaults rock the countrys $4-trillion corporate debt market;though huge and rising,mining and processing of rare metals and alloys grows even strongerSlow stimulus progress weighs on Asian boursesAnalysts expect the worlds third-largest economy to rebound relatively swiftly from the dislocation caused by the coronavirus pandemic,extends fund schemeIf China builds dams on the river in Tibet,Scoop and Sofia JeansChina unveils the latest generation of AI-powered security applicationsMarket-cooling steps take hold,India says it may build a dam downstream to mitigate adverse impactsChina tightens its grip on global rare earths tradeThe great rotation: Is 2021 the year for ASEAN and India to shine?Japan pledges new approach to avoiding deflationDJI-branded products will use data from New York virtual currency company Lukka on more than 550 of the top traded coins;e-commerce giant fears US sanctions if linked to mistreatment in northwest regionUS FTC order lumps TikTok in with Amazon,And a former executive at a top credit rating agency has been suspended amid claims he took massive bribesSearch engine giant Baidu eyes smart move into electric vehiclesBrussels-based securities depositary has set up a new asset case between Chinese issuers and global investors after years of collaboration with the Shanghai Clearing HouseCovid will still feature in calculus but vaccines are colouring views;who say they will now face far greater oversight;data analyses show,the SPAC set up by Hong Kongs Richard Li and PayPal founder Peter Thiel,news comes as bitcoin passed $20,diesel addictionLuckin Coffee to pay $180m penalty for fraud charges: US SECChina tech giant seeks to distance itself from software devised by its cloud computing unit that could help identify members of the Muslim Uighur minority;will not be an issueCanberra says Beijings subsidy claims dont stand up in the latest row between the two countries after last months anti-dumping tariffsDespite tough talk and new rules,

Climate-related disasters are becoming more common and they can be very expensive; one Hong Kong firm specialises in assessing projects and companies for problems linked to extreme weather over periods of five to 10 years; climate tech data is in great demand

shares of both groups fellChina launches new asset manager for bad loans and toxic assetsIndian farmers in uproar over Modis bid to reform agriculture lawsThe US Federal Communications Committee took further steps against China Telecom and Huawei with bipartisan support indicating likely continuity of policy under BidenTop Glove fired whistleblower before virus outbreakYongcheng Coal and affiliates sell $459m of assets to repay debtEastern innovators see the big picture with global connectivityChinas foreign ministry slammed the move,Yoshihide Sugas administration is trying innovative policy measures to combat potential market snagsDBS Group Holdings banking on digital assets exchangeInvestors weigh blocked China companies as SinoUS chill deepensChinese tech firm has already held talks with automakers as it looks at going further than its rivals by making its own cars from scratchSouth-east Asias largest bank says cryptocurrencies are gaining greater acceptance in the formal financial sector as investors pumped $429 million into funds and products in just one week this monthBOJ to look at more effective ways to resolve inflation conundrum,which could cause floods or scarcity in East Indian states and Bangladesh;Facebook and GoogleChinas embattled telecoms giant has divested itself of cable construction subsidiary,Geely among 25 EV makers found with product compliance issuesSoftBank-backed Ola recharges Indias electric vehicle ambitionsBridgetown.

Alibaba dismayed over Uighur facial recognition technology

Japanese companies show surprising confidence in latest tankan survey

After four years of deep freeze, the best we can hope for is a slow thaw

Momtchil Pojarliev, Head of Currencies at BNP Paribas Asset Management, says policy easing, hedging costs and rising budget deficits will restrict the US currency

BNP Paribas Chi Lo estimates 6.6% full-year GDP growth next year, which is lower than others, because of Beijings strong resolve to restart its deleveraging and structural reform measures, which he says will restrain growth in coming year

Chip shortages could slow China car production

New Washington project monitors Chinese dam levels amid criticism of Beijings water management that has seen reservoirs fill up while downstream neighbours suffer drought

Walmart teams up with TikTok to sell merchandise on livestream

The US Federal Trade Commission has ordered nine tech firms to provide data on how they use personal information. Lumping TikTok in with Amazon, Facebook and Google may help legitimize the Chinese video app

Facebook faces major lawsuits over Instagram, WhatsApp

Huge repercussions loom over EU-UK trade talks

Political sincerity is required to tap international sources of capital and technology, and a hedging approach balanced between protectionism and free trade is fraught with danger; India needs to learn from the policies that brought China so much success

The world turned to live video applications during the Covid-19 pandemic and its Asian firms who continue to lead the way, says Andy Tian, co-founder and CEO of Asia Innovations Group Limited

Veteran smartphone developer HTC saw its revenues rise for the first month this year as sales boomed in its home market

Rating agency indicates Chinese banks will remain at risk of new nonperforming loans and high credit costs, which weakens profitability and capacity to generate capital

Talks aimed at ending subsidies totaling billions of dollars called off; China, the European Union, the United States, South Korea and Japan listed among the main culprits

Tech experts help companies assess and manage climate risks

Look beyond US tech stocks and find value in Asia

Stocks decline as Congress remains stuck on a deal; vaccine, Brexit spur evaporates as infections climb

Millions protesting against controversial legislation they say will leave them vulnerable to predatory private corporations but New Delhi says changes will bring clarity to chaos

Chinas opportunities and challenges in 2021 and beyond

China imposes fresh duties on Australian wine as relations sour further

1 TOP STORY: Beijing puts rating firms under watch

Headlines made by the technology sector are masking significant polarisation within it; while some companies that are set to benefit from structural changes attract extremely high valuations, in other instances that is not happening

Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio is worth more than General Motors and Xpeng is close to the value of Ford, but Bidens administration is expected to try to boost US production

Shares have almost halved from recent highs while bonds now trade above par

Chinese banks are braced for rising levels of non-performing loans (NPLs) as policies introduced by Beijing this year to help borrowers through the coronavirus crisis expire.

State Council releases new raft of measures governing life and health policies to cater for nations 300 million pensioners; insurance funds equity investments capped

Chinas Nio is worth more than Ford or General Motors

Third-generation technology will accelerate the intelligent upgrade of safe, reliable and credible industries, say researchers launching new company to develop solutions

Euroclear links Chinese firms with global capital via Yulan bonds

China turns reform focus onto insurance sector

Alibaba, Tencent fined and warned as China ramps up deal scrutiny

The manufacturing powerhouse has some some serious number crunching to do as the vital metals cost rises to a seven-year high with thermal coal and some rare earths costing more too

Taiwan expects boom in global orders for 5G smartphones

Chinese consumer prices fall for first time since 2009

a day before data expected to offer barometer of economic activityChina Evergrande asset disposals lift bonds but shareholders winceRegulators turn on big US tech groups with antitrust and privacy actionsUS warns of threat from former Huawei units bid for Pacific data linkTech giant also scoops $460 million of investment despite being added to US blacklist and a boardroom shake-upInternet giants hit for not reporting deals which breached the 2008 anti-monopoly law to regulators,Kendall + Kylie and also Free Assembly,when Guorong Securities failed to fulfil its custody responsibilities they received a warning letter from their regulatory bureauThere is tension in India over Chinas plan to construct a dam on their shared river,US to blacklist dozens more Chinese firms including SMICBYD Auto,000 for the first time on WednesdayTesla mulls Indonesia electric car parts factoryIndias Tata Group is reportedly partnering with Apple to set up a scalable mobile component manufacturing plant that could win market share from ChinaSwitzerland and Vietnam – not China – are branded currency manipulators by the US;but Washington warns risks remain if island nations sign up for cut-price internet projectWalmart already counts India as one of its top sourcing markets and plans to more than triple that commitment by 2027. Could this be a prelude to a Flipkart IPO?With the resurgence in coronavirus cases taking a toll,is looking at a deal with Indonesian e-commerce firm PT Tokopedia that could take Asian blank-check vehicle activity to a new level – and interest SoftBanks Masa SonCarrie Lams cash stash and the future of the dollarChinas industry standards are now the worlds standards as the countrys stranglehold on the production,although services continue to languishStream will feature national brands like Champion,which will see 80 more companies added to the entity list,Jordache,debt,inflows to Chinas bond markets by US investors could be boosted by the reprieveChipmaker SMIC handed $2.45 billion state cash boostThousands at Malaysian firm sickened with Covid amid allegations it paid scant attention to hygiene recommendationsChina needs green pivot to offset gasoline!

Many states in Asia have done relatively well in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and reforms enacted this year in India and Indonesia could yield good fruit in the year ahead

WTO fails to reach deadline to stop overfishing

With China sending three containers out for every one coming back and delays in units returning from pandemic-hit countries manufacturers are struggling to find slots to transport their goods overseas

Iron ore skysurge unsustainable, China industry chief warns

Group and parent Henan Energy reach repayment deals with bond creditors but still have debts exceeding $3 billion; once the countrys most profitable coal miner, its move to branch into chemicals has been a disaster that saddled it with growing debts

Chinese financial institutions face negative outlook, says Moodys

As a European Union draft plan threatens companies with fines and even break-up, Silicon Valley is under assault from Australia, India and at home from state attorneys general

Order restricting flows to certain companies delayed as Treasury officials are reportedly at loggerheads with other departments over whether subsidiaries should be included

Executive order by outgoing US President Donald Trump could weigh on prices for some stocks

Musk teams to visit Southeast Asian nation to check on investment in EV components

S&P Dow Jones Indices to launch crypto indexes in 2021

Trade relations wont go back to how they used to be between the US and the EU before Trump any time soon the best Europe can expect is no new conflict

Chinese bond defaulters receive a judicial slap on the wrist

US officials divided over impact of Chinese investment ban

China hits back at US criticism of its controversial Mekong River policy

Chinese coffee chain agrees to settlement with US Securities and Exchange Commission, which said it grossly overstated its revenue and expenses last year

Japan loads ammunition to lift its sluggish economy

The fact that even Chinas big four state-owned banks, the largest in the world by assets, are unwilling to take Lam on as a client speaks volumes about the power of the dollar

China dodges currency manipulator tag by the US

Social media giant could be forced to sell its prized assets after Federal Trade Commission and nearly every US state filed lawsuits saying it used a buy or bury strategy to snap up rivals and keep smaller competitors at bay; but legal fight could take years

Walmart commits billions more to India, in possible Flipkart IPO move