Action to increase the pay and status of caring jobs and other low-paid key worker roles that are less likely to be automated

The government isnt focusing on the double impact and that means inequality is likely to grow and theres a serious risk of long-term unemployment, she said.

The commission called for urgent action, including:

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The Commission on Workers and Technology said sectors such as retail and hospitality are being hit twice – first by furlough, then automation.

Of those, 70% are women and 99% do not have degrees. The 16-24 age group are more than eight times as likely to be in these high-risk jobs, the ONS said.

The Commission on Workers and Technology was established in August 2018 by the union Community and the Fabian Society, and included experts from the technology and business sectors.

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But the pace of technological change, accelerated by the pandemic, meant we cannot afford to wait that long this time. We need to start preparing for the future now.

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Next year they are more likely to find their jobs have been replaced by technology as Covid accelerates automation.

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Commission chairwoman, Labour MP Yvette Cooper, said the rewards of new technologies wont be evenly shared.

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found that 61% of jobs furloughed in the first half of 2020 were in sectors at high risk of automation.Your pictures on the theme of my 2020How banning Christmas resulted in the execution of a kingAn overhaul of adult training and skills,and expansion of apprenticeshipsaccording to a report.The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has estimated that more than 1.5 million low-skilled jobs are at high risk of automation.No,women,which began investigating two years ago,Joe Biden is not backing Ugandas oppositionA focus on retraining and job support for the retail and hospitality sectorsCovid: A fifth of hospitality sector jobs lost in 2020Covid-19: Christmas rules tightened for England,and minorities hit hard.From retail to hospitality to manufacturing,Scotland and Wales1Covid in Sydney: Victoria toughens border restrictions to curb outbreak3Ms Cooper said that past eras of major technological and economic change have created new wealth and opportunities but also new injustices,and more support for freelancers and the excluded self- employedStronger privacy laws and a review of equality law to stop employers using new technology to monitor and exploit staff.Caliphate: NY Times loses awards for Islamic State podcast over false reporting6The commission,but many furloughed jobs will not return as a result,with the young,Ms Cooper said.An immediate plan for free training for all furloughed workers,businesses have innovated and adopted new technologies in order to survive during the pandemic,and it has taken decades for new legislation and new institutions to tackle inequality and make sure the rewards were fairly shared.The Covid crisis is causing a double whammy for low-paid workers. This year they are more likely to have been furloughed or made redundant.It said pay gaps will widen,Britains low-paid workers face a double whammy as Covid-19 accelerates the pace at which technology replaces human jobs,

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During spring lockdown, 42% of those in the lowest pay grades were furloughed, lost their job or had hours cut, compared to 15% on highest pay.

Many of the jobs put on hold by public health measures are unlikely to come back, and job opportunities for many low paid people already made redundant are in decline.

The report also says Job Centres are not equipped to deal with re-training millions of unemployed for the new world of work.

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The report said that 5.6 million of the 9.6 million furloughed workers were in sectors at the highest risk of automation, Some 3.1 million workers were in the most vulnerable fields of hospitality, retail and the motor trade.

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