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happinessAlternative measures of measuring economic activityThe aim of the Journal is to provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas,Employment,Population,Debt and a host of other variables provide the basis for millions of daily decisions by investors,to foster an improvement in the quality of economic data worldwide.Featured PaperWill the Current Money Growth Acceleration Increase Inflation?The World Economics Journal provides you with clear analysis of important economic issues and keeps you up to date with the best current economic thinking and data.Shedding Light on the Shadow Economy: A Global Database and the Interaction with the Official OneEnterprise Size Classification in Africa: A Tale of Two DefinitionsData on GDP,bankers,businesses,Prices,and politicians.Evaluating Demographic Paths in the Long Run: Output per Capita and Intergenerational Income DistributionHyperinflation in the General Government: German-Occupied Poland During World War IIModern Political Economy and Colonialism: The Case of BoliviaYet most economic data is of poor quality (even in developed countries) and unsuited to the great responsibility placed on it.Beyond GDP – depreciation of the environment.

Is the European Union Failing the Viability Tests?

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The price of light – how to measure the impact of rapid technological change on price

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The Impact of the Bonus Culture on the UK Economy

Funding Economic Development and the Role of National Development Banks: The Case of Cyprus

The coronavirus pandemic has not only come as a profound shock to the major economies, but also exposed tensions between leading schools of thought. Uncertainty has arisen about the medium- and long-term consequences of the policy responses to COVID-19. Will the pandemic, and the consequent major upheaval in economic policy, lead to deflation or more inflation? This articlewhich is intended above all as a contribution to the emerging deflation vs. inflation debatebegins by discussing official policy in recent months. It then states a position in the tradition of the quantity theory of money and develops the argument that inflation will rise significantly in the aftermath of the pandemic.Read now

Mitigating Economic Losses of Fraud: Data Analytics Perspective