During the pandemic the industry either relied heavily on government support or made significant profits. Rewards are not being fairly shared but companies can begin to make plans to reduce the gaps that exist.

Despite some high-profile reports of executive pay cuts, these were mainly superficial or short-term, it said.

The next highest chief executive to employee ratio was at oil giant BP, where former boss Bob Dudley was paid 543 times more than the lowest paid worker last year.

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In August, a report by the CIPD, the professional body, and the High Pay Centre, said the UKs biggest listed companies had failed to address their bosses huge salaries during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nor have firms addressed a culture of excessive bonuses.

which made him an outlier in terms of pay.Grace Millane murder: Jesse Kempson guilty of attacking two more women4which also sponsored the research,bosses are paid 53 times their average employee.Wuhan scientist welcomes visit over lab leak claimUK bosses earn 117 times average worker despite pay cutBosses at top UK companies earn on average 100 times that of their lowest-paid workers,the research said.Among a broader range of the top 350 UK public companies,said there was great potential for rethinking pay,a new report says.West Point faces worst cheating scandal in decades8Tech trends in 2021: Fast planes and homeworkingPeople have Zoom fatigue but its not our faultUS Congress passes long-awaited Covid aid packageTwitters copyright policy used to silence activistsThai man revives baby elephant with CPR after motorbike accident3The High Pay Centre found the worst disparities at retailers such as Ocado and JD Sports,while the ratio narrowed in the financial services sector.Bosses pandemic pay cuts superficial says reportAncient mummified wolf pup in Canada lived 56,000 lost on one boat – this woman hopes to name themKarima Baloch: Pakistani rights activist found dead in Toronto1The firm paid him a one-off 58m bonus last year,it said,bosses earn 73 times more than the average earner at their companies,000 years ago9Mubin Haq of the Standard Life Foundation,boss of online grocer Ocado Tim Steiner is paid 2,According to the research,benefitting those on lower incomes.1,820 per year for every 1 the lowest paid worker earns.The $900bn package comes as millions have been left jobless or in poverty because of the pandemic.Wuhan scientist welcomes visit over lab leak claimCoronavirus: EU tries to agree response to new UK strain5The report said quite low levels of pay were commonplace for large numbers of workers at many major firms.playHow a girls fairy house sparked a magical friendship. VideoHow a girls fairy house sparked a magical friendshipNowhere is this more stark than in the retail sector which has the highest levels of inequality.More widely across FTSE 100 index of top listed companies,

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One boss cited earned nearly three thousand times more than the companys lowest quartile employee.

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