Were already working with a variety of innovative companies who want to connect to their customers through BusinessChat. And well be adding many more partners overtime.

your conversations will be with a live agent. You might get a fast,but a real person will be available ifneeded.Why wait on hold to ask a question when you can simply get a text instead? If youre too busy to reply at the moment,orSearch,too. Because BusinessChat is built into iOS,no problem. You can get back to the conversation when its convenient. Scheduling an appointment is easy,

Safari,Most often,automated response for simple requests,simply tap the Messages icon to send a text. Many businesses also let you start a conversation directly from their own apporwebsite.it can let you know about any conflicts on yourcalendar.If youre looking up a company in Maps?

Now you can ask for information, schedule appointments, and even make purchases right in Messages on your iPhone or iPad. Which makes connecting with your favorite companies as easy as texting your favoritepeople.

Only you can start a conversation. And when you do, the company cant see personal information, like your name or phone number, unless you choose to share it for appointments or deliveries. Once you delete a message thread, the company cant contact you again until you start another conversation.

If youd like to make a purchase, you can complete it using BusinessChat. With ApplePay, its even easier because you can pay with just a touch or a glance without leaving the Messagesconversation.